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сообщение 26.3.2010, 12:51
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The rules are given for creation comfortable and constructive atmosphere of dialogue

1 Please,don`t create chat - post from one or two phrases.
Write your post more developed, what exactly you like or don`t like and why.Try to write big and beautiful message

2 Also try don`t use exaclamation sentences like «Visaj - the Best!!!!!!!»
3 If the members is inactive at a forum more than three months (does not write, but only visits) - his account delete
4 Please,do`t use CAPS LOCK. It`s like shout and it`s disrespective attitude toward other members

It is forbidden to the members:

To use in messages rough, abuse expressions or discrimination of members to any sign-
on national, sexual, religious, racial, age, professional or to any other signs are forbidden.

Our forum - for friendly dialogue
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