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: Gladys 26.3.2010, 13:20

Hello everyone! flowers.gif
This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions!

P.S: This topic is for discussion only.

: Borislav_Borce 18.4.2010, 9:23

Girls many thanks to all of you for all the videos,pictures and posts about the concerts.When I read all of your posts and saw all pictures and videos I had the feeling like I was also there.
I saw all the videos and I love everything.The performances are so amazing.Dima was full with energy and was so happy.I can notice that he enjoyed being there and performing for the public which from the videos I can hear that totally supported him in every way.
I really enjoyed to hear and see Dima performing again!
About his outfit.I so like the shirt with the red details.That is so orginal and cool and looks really great on camera.I really like the idea because looks so amazing in combination with the red trainers.Amazing! thumbup.gif
I also really like his new song.It's so beautiful and emotinal balad.That song could have a video clip with such a great story!
Many thanks to Dima for the positive energy because now my mood is 100% great and I'm feeling amazing!It is true when the people say that your favourite singer and his songs are soul food which always is here to make your mood great and bring you positive energy.
Ones again many thanks for all the posts and I wish to Dima a lot of concerts and performances like these. give_rose.gif

: MiriamEla 20.4.2010, 2:43

I love the new song !! I agree with Borislav, it's really pretty, and ballads just get to me. I gotta say I was a bit disappointed with the concert on the 17th though. Didn't I hear he was supposed to premiere some new songs or something?

: Gladys 20.4.2010, 9:21

I very like the new song "In the empty room "! give_rose.gif
It's very beautiful and amazing song wub.gif
I want to hear the full version of this song
The authors of a song "In the empty room " (" ") Music - Bagrat Vartanjan, words- Irina Sekacheva give_rose.gif"

I gotta say I was a bit disappointed with the concert on the 17th though. Didn't I hear he was supposed to premiere some new songs or something?

Ela, give_rose.gif
On the 17th of april Dima sang " ","", ", " "
There were not new songs on the this consert(((
But It was the will of the organization of this event.

: Miranda 21.4.2010, 0:13

i'm so happy he sang "ya dlya tebya" again! it's one of my absolute favourite songs of him! the whole performance was great, and i loved the songs choice! all of them belong in my favourites! good choice dimka! biggrin.gif and the shirt was cool too! overall it was really good! thumbsup.gif clapping.gif wish i could be there to see him! biggrin.gif
about the new song! i really like it! although i usuallt are not so fond of balads, but this one was quite good! thanks for telling the authors gladys! give_rose.gif i really like irina sekacheva's lyrics and bagrat makes really good music smile.gif ya lyublu tebya and nastroysa na menya are two examples of that fact! clapping.gif

: Borislav_Borce 21.4.2010, 7:33

I want to say something about the "God of Air 2010"

He is so talented and I really want to see him also like host like actor and of course the most important like singer because he has a huge talent for which many singers can only dream because he is a full artist who has talent for many things and that for an artist is very important.
In every award show especially in America invite like host someone who is not boring and who not only read from the script and stand but also a person who can make jokes and make the public laugh.I love the way like Dima does that so I really like him like host because he is very intersting and cool. thumbup.gif
Also Maria many thanks for the video of Zvezda.A big plus is to hear again the lovely Zvezda(especially the radio edit which I love a lot.)I hope that we can get official video from the performance.

: Borislav_Borce 18.5.2010, 7:26

I so love the new song!It's so beautiful and emotional balad thumbup.gif Thanks a lot to Dima and the composers for the wonderful song!!!
Btw please can someone translate the message that Dima posted in / ? give_rose.gif

: Guinness 18.5.2010, 8:52

This is an English-language version of this early morning message by Dmitry Koldun:

Good night to your home.
Now its my turn to produce a couple of letter combinations on what I think about this song and how it was created and what it is based on
A lot has been said here about arranging, about lack of burst, about emotions brought about by this song, or the other way round, and, while reading your messages I realized that there is nothing more important on Earth than continuation of life, continuation in all its aspects, starting from indirect cell division of unsophisticated protozoa all way through birth of a human individual influenced by music. However, while protozoa can propagate to any kind of music except ultrasonic sound, human being can propagate to ultrasonic sound as well, since passion knows no limits; and if someone listening to this song starts thinking about values and meanings delivered by love it was just as I conjectured You know I dont listen to my songs in a car (to say nothing about a washing machine) or at home, and when I hear them they happen to have various intention and mood. This one has a mood of placidity and huge loss
Also, someone wrote that he or she listened to this song 20 times please note that no matter how sad I become as a singer of it, I am an absolute record breaker in the number of times I listened to this song)))

: LG22 21.5.2010, 11:57

That's true that passion has no limits sometimes, but I'm sure that it gets to the end in some situations as well. Most of the time the person realizes that when gets older. I'm glad that Dmitriy knows the values of life and expresses them in his songs. Not everyone right now sings the songs with such deep meaning. The new song is one of those songs that makes us think and appreciate what we have or maybe what we don't have, but still have hopes about that. Pay attention that I said hope, not dream because the dream is getting destroyed later, but hope never dies. The same happens with real feelings that never die in contrast to passion. read.gif

: Borislav_Borce 2.6.2010, 10:40

Thanks a lot for the pictures and videos to Svetik_kalaturs and candy-N.Dima's fans are really the best because they always go in the place on the event and they always bring from there great pictures and videos.Thanks a lot for that. give_rose.gif
I totally agree with Svetik_kalaturs about the haircut.I really love it.When I saw it for the first time my reaction was WOW.It's so cool and looks really great on him.I love that he experiments with the haircut because the changes are always good and important for the singer.
I also love the songs that he sang there.I love them all. thumbup.gif

: Miranda 2.6.2010, 14:26

thanks for the videos! i really enjoyed watching them! the songs were great, and he sang great! but sorry borce, i really dislike his haircut! maybe it's his style, but definitely not mine :P i usually like guys with shorter hair, but dimka have always been an exception to that fact!

i'm really sorry, but that's not a haircut, that's a floor mop :P i'm not saying this to be mean or anything, this is just what I think....i liked his more before smile.gif you know that performance on some russian/belarusian celebration show where he sang po venam? that haircut is so nice!!! air_kiss.gif

: MiriamEla 2.6.2010, 23:58

His haircut sort of reminds me of Criss Angel. XD It's not ugly, but I've seen better.

I am disappointed in one thing. Why is he doing so much playback right now? I haven't seen a live concert from him in such a long time. I'm aware that he's still looking for a keyboardist to replace Sergey, but that doesn't mean they have to replace all the instruments AND his voice with playback. What happened to his assertion that playing and singing live was always the right way to go? I want to see some live music here!

: Miranda 3.6.2010, 13:52

(MiriamEla @ 2.6.2010, 22:58) *
His haircut sort of reminds me of Criss Angel. XD It's not ugly, but I've seen better.

I am disappointed in one thing. Why is he doing so much playback right now? I haven't seen a live concert from him in such a long time. I'm aware that he's still looking for a keyboardist to replace Sergey, but that doesn't mean they have to replace all the instruments AND his voice with playback. What happened to his assertion that playing and singing live was always the right way to go? I want to see some live music here!

i agree ela, i actually miss the live singing now. every single performance is playback sad.gif it's funnier to watch live performances, because you never know what will happen then smile.gif

: LG22 5.6.2010, 7:57

I'm sure that the point is not in keyboardist. I remember that Dima said that they're not planning any concerts in the summer. The point is that they also prepare new songs for the new album which should come out soon. That is very important to spend time on new compositions.

: Guinness 18.6.2010, 0:03

Hi there! This is an English translation of Dmitry's thankyou note he posted just half an hour ago in the Discussion of Photos Section of the Russian Forum:

Hi, I would like to say to all those who came to my celebration (presentation) that I am AWFULLY GRATEFUL for your support))))! Special thanks for all the gifts, some of them did surprise me I have always dreamed about the starry sky above my head thumbup.gif

I hope that my new video clip will strike fancy of many of you and will take a well-deserved place in play lists of music channels! If so, then it will soon need your support and your votes!

Thank you that you are around))

DKM (this is like DKNY))) Amen!

Translator's note: My gut feeling tells me that DKM stands for "Dmitry Koldun Moscow" ( oops.gif It can just as well be "Dmitry Koldun Minsk"!!! My guess is as good as yours... unsure.gif)

: MiriamEla 18.6.2010, 4:42

I have to say I'm VERY impressed with . Dima needs to stay friends with that director because he did a remarkably good job. Sure it was a bit emo, but the song is kind of emo-sounding itself (not necessarily a bad thing). I really liked how the slo-mo lipsynch effect worked out. And of course Dima is just as sexy as ever. wub.gif There was one thing that was a bit weird the whole everything-Dima-is-around-turns-to-ice thing reminded me of ice-nine from Cat's Cradle.... hmm.

Awww, thanks for the sweet message, Dimka.

: Borislav_Borce 18.6.2010, 10:47

First of all many thanks to everyone who was on the birthday party and sent so many pictures and videos.I downloaded all of them and I watched them all.
The perfect word for the new video clip is definitely the word MASTERPIECE.I enjoyed not in every minute but in every second of the video.
Huge congratulations to the talented director and all team with which I hope that Dima will work also on his next video because the team who win don't have to be changed.My favourite moments:I like the moment with the wine,the moments with the girl(who really did great job),also I like the moments when they show Dima from close,the moments of freezing the things and of course the end which was so powerful and left me without words.I think that this video totally deserve the award for the best video in the next MUZ TV awards and also to be played in many TV channels and especially on MTV.Also Dima is such a great actor because he did amazing job in the video.I had the feeling that I was watching short film.This is for sure my favourite video of Dima.
About the birthday party.I watched every video and picture and I really like the whole atmosphere.Dima looked fantastic.I liked his hair,his t-shirt was so stylish and was perfect for the event.The whole accessories on his neek,the belt looked fantastic with the whole combination.
Dima really enjoyed in the party and for me was so positive to watch him because yesterday I had big problem in my family so all of this helped me a lot.The mini- concert was amazing and the Chorus of the new song is easy to remember and the rhythm too.I can't wait to hear the studio version because like that you can better feel the song.The cake moment also was so cool.The best cake moment that I have ever seen in a party.Also great list of guests.Kira,Natalia Rudova(for me one of the most beautiful girls in Russia).Anita who said so beautiful message to Dima about him and his fans.Also from his close people I was so happy to see his mum because she always brings positive energy when you will see her on picture or in video.She for sure was the most happy and proud that night because Dima really deserved such a big celebration.
Thanks a lot to Dima for the wonderful party and all positve energy which really helped me a lot.
I wasn't there but with all these pictures,videos and comments I had the feeling that I have been there.I wish to Dima many birthday parties like that and a lot of success of the new video clip which I think that will touch everyone.

: Borislav_Borce 23.6.2010, 0:35

The big premier of on MTV.It looks amazing! clapping.gif


: 23.6.2010, 16:08

Have you seen it live? I can agree with you just a minute ago I've watched a video (but in youtube recording) and it really looks wonderful! It could be funny but when you watch a videoclip with the signs of channel It looks different cause you understand that it's coming from the 'big screen')) We just can congratulate Dima with this premier, it's a very important forward step for the further development!))

: iviK 24.6.2010, 20:57

I'm late I know, but still- I really love Dima's new videoclip for . One of his best ever! It's so interesting and original. Very good script and director of course thumbsup.gif I enjoyed every second! It is in my head all the time, it's playing again and again. It's strange! biggrin1.gif blush.gif (No smile.gif )
I really like the contrast between the black and white. Only Dima in black and everything else- the ice, walls, floor, water in white.... And it is great to see him in "cold world" for once. It suits him a lot. He has wonderful eyes there and the moment with the wine- great! Wonderful work, keep on!

: MiriamEla 25.6.2010, 0:34

Okay, I know this sounds weird, but I am SO glad that someone finally caught Dima's magic entrance on tape!!! I LOVE YOU RU-!! *ahem* About , I probably already said some version of this, but it's definitely Dima's best clip videographically (if that's a word). All the camera work was brilliant.

: LG22 26.6.2010, 11:13

I like the new video clip. Dmitriy looks great, like always. The special effects are wonderful! It's very sad, but powerful because it makes us think about life and the meaning of love. The atmosphere really helps to bring this point. I can tell that it seems that it's now in style to make video clips with water and Dima didn't miss it. Ice, as one of the states of water, makes it even more beautiful...

: MiriamEla 26.6.2010, 18:44

If that was an actual prom that Dima sang at, I am soooooooooo jealous of anyone who was there. (If anyone is confused, prom means the night when all the high school seniors go somewhere and dance for a few hours.) I wish Dima could sing at MY prom! makes a PERFECT slow dance song - especially because it mentions slow dancing. This once again confirms my belief that Russians have much better music taste than Americans... can I have plane tickets please?

: MiriamEla 4.7.2010, 7:05


Right, so I just watched Dima actually do a magic trick... and do it well. Then I watched him run all the way across a stage in the rain singing a perfect high note. I am completely in awe as to how amazing this man is.

Sorry for the short post, but there's really nothing else to say exept the word "amazing" over and over... and a string of fangirl squealing... and sighing...

</double post>

: Borislav_Borce 7.7.2010, 18:16

Big thanks to Dima for making two new versions of the song.We all here are different and we all have different taste for music so it's normal someone to prefer only the orginal verison and someone( like I)to like the 3 versions.I think that is great that Dima thinks in all his fans because now all can be happy and find their favourite version of the song. thumbup.gif
Like I said I love the 3 versions and I will lsiten it all 3.I think that the new verisons will make new fans of the song because someone who didn't like the orginal verison maybe will like one of the two new versions and + I now imagine how the young people are dancing in the clubs on all 3 versions.
Bravo Dima because many singers make many versions of one song and I'm glad that and Dima works folowing the rules of the modern music world.The experiments are always the best and bring so many good things.
And also this for me is so nice surprise and now I can listen one of my favourite Dima's song VKP in 3 totally different verisons.
VKP(balad)+REMIX+DANCE version=real holiday for my ears.I'm listening all 3 versions now.When will finish one verison I listen the other one!

: ybet_koldun 10.7.2010, 23:17

Privet everyone! give_rose.gif

Can someone make a quick translation of those videos please??




: Gladys 12.7.2010, 9:56

Evi,these vedio,about, how was shooting a clip In a room empty ,details,creative process
You can see how many of the resources spent for 3 minute video and to see people, the professionals who were shooting a clip
And the presentation a clip In a room empty on the birthday party)))

: asichka2 12.7.2010, 20:59

this was so interesting,i mean every part of the shooting the clip In a room empty .It was so funny,like always!!!

: iviK 18.7.2010, 16:38

Real thanks to Dima and his team for amazing videos from the shooting ! It was fun and really interesting to see the proces of recording the video clip. All the work with water, wine... It seems everybody had a great time! Dima's jokes are always the best thumbsup.gif When he's lying on the grass air_kiss.gif . But the fall(s) into the water must have been horrible.. aaa
I'm just little bit ''sad'' that I know some tricks from the clip, however, something is fab even more!

And about the remixes: I don't like them very much. I don't like remixes in general (but some of them are really good!) The original songs are mostly better...
Transfer a beautiful balad to dance song unsure.gif I don't know. They are good, but the original is better.
He can bring his music to larger audience, but rock or balads suits him more- just my opinion unsure.gif

: skymiles 21.7.2010, 11:04

I found that behind the scenes of the video clip showed a lot of interesting things. One of which was that Dima hurt his back. That was the moment when I felt pity for him. I know what it is from my experiences in the past and this is definitely not pleasant. It was cool to see how they did everything with the glass. I still wonder what was inside the glass which had a pinkish color. Looks like cherry syrup with Tylenol. unknw.gif Poor lady who had to prepare so many of them.
Regarding the new versions of the song VKP, I can tell that all of them have a good quality and each one is beautiful in its own way, depending on the mood. I'm glad that Dima decided to try to do this song in many versions. I believe that it will be successful and I wish that to Dima, who definitely deserves it.

: ls227 28.7.2010, 6:56

Skymiles, I agree with you. I feel really bad for Dima when he hurt his back but the video is really good. I hope the song will do well and bring Dima success.

: Gladys 31.7.2010, 9:44

I like Dima`s performance in Luzniki! thumbup.gif
Dima thank you very much! give_rose.gif
It was perfect performance on a holiday in Luzniki! thumbup.gif
Children around, the flying -acrobat girl , an orchestra and magnificent Tatyana Navka in an image of "star" on the ice! clapping.gif
Dima and Tatyana Navka looked harmoniously))) give_rose.gif
It was very beautiful and successful performance))) give_rose.gif thumbup.gif

: Borislav_Borce 31.7.2010, 14:43

First of all thanks a lot for the videos to Ninokin and Olesiya. give_rose.gif
For me the performance was real magic because it's was so interesting for watching so I had the feeling that the performance finished so fast.
All who see the performance live are so lucky because I can only imagine how it to see that spectacle(for me the right word)live.Definitely a performance that is not easy to forget and will stay in the memory of all who see it on TV or in live for a long time.
Big thanks and respect to Dima , and the director for the fantastic performance.
I agree with all who wrote that the performance was full with emotions and great moments.I think that the performance was even better thanks to the chemistry that existed between Dima and .All can notice that she was enjoying being on the stage with Dima and the song really touched her so in moments she sang a little of the song and that Dima also enjoyed performing the song with her and we can see a smile on his face.I liked also the huge stage,the orchestra and the girl who danced in the sky gave also special charm on the performance.Dima did great choice about clothes his haircut was lovely. I'm totally impressed and I wish to Dima more new performances like this because the public always wants to see and needs a performances like this one. thumbup.gif

: skymiles 2.8.2010, 9:49

I also liked the performance in Luzniki. It created a great picture of a dancing star. I've seen a lot of shows on the ice and always has been waiting for Dima to come and sing during figure skating. A lot of other famous Russian stars have been there. I'm glad that it happened and we saw Dima there. Tatyana was performing great, as always.

: Guinness 12.9.2010, 23:33

Hi everyone, this is what Dmitry Koldun wrote at 9:40 p.m. yesterday in the Russian Audio/Video Discussion"


In Taganrog it was surely much warmer than in Moscow, but the wind was blowing hard towards the stage: this resulted in a huge number of various gnats, incidentally, one of them got into my throat right in the middle of one of the songs (I had to cough it out while singing), and on top of that, they were so big, up to 2 cm long, and absolutely not tasty

The wind also blew in a funny backline dancing girls, whom I had not seen before the concert, and did not see after the concert either I dont know how it would have been going without their hypersimultaneous performing Probably, would have been better))). But this is the case when I recollect the following words: Its great power of Taganrog enthusiasm!.

Also there was a contest for the worst performance of Give Me Power. Three guys managed to get al way through to the finals, but one of them, wearing a glossy shirt, was singing something incredible, a hybrid of Give Me Power and a song by Smash, that featured the following lines:

Oh my God, give me power
I will walk through all the doors of Taganrog, hey!

Well, something like that)

: Borislav_Borce 25.10.2010, 10:55

BRAVO DIMA! clapping.gif worthy.gif

Amazing song and interpretation.I hope that Dima will shoot a video clip for the song.Now I can only say that I can't wait for 20th of November.
"A day without war" and the beautiful video from YouTube made for the song left me without words and really touched me so and I decided to make my own fan music video for the song especially made for the message that brings the song and of course for Dima and for all his fans from all around the world but especially for his lovely fans here on his official forum.

Here you can see it:


I hope that you will like it.I made a video that will show the meaning of the song and also to send the message of the song to all people that will watch it.

: asichka2 25.10.2010, 23:47

Did i saw how beatiful video you made? thumbsup.gif innocent.gif girl_wink.gif girl_blum.gif
I love this song,i can't stop listening it. thumbup.gif thumbup.gif thumbup.gif
And i hope,that he will make a video,it will be Koldunogood!!!

: iviK 27.10.2010, 16:51

Wow, Dima! 'Day Without War' sounds really wonderful. I like it more and more every time I listen it.
Especially the lyrics are so meaningful. Nowadays, there are only few of songwriters who can write a song with a meaning... So, thank you and ! give_rose.gif

I also can't wait for 20th November. It'll be absolutely fantastic performance girl_blum.gif

And Borce, I LOVE your video. It's a way better than the JESC's wink.gif

: ybet_koldun 28.10.2010, 22:45

im so glad that dima will sing a song with this meaning and so glad that u made that video borce with the lurics, congrats! wink.gif wub.gif

: skymiles 6.11.2010, 8:57

This new song is very good. I think that this is one of very mature and serious works that definitely deserves respect. Hopefully everybody will also appreciate it. I really want to see the major performance and hope that it will be cool.

: ybet_koldun 18.11.2010, 23:23

i love sooo much the video with dima in esc junior party when he sings WYM, its so nice and kind when he took the child and he started to dance rofl.gif

But, it's so pity that he sang playback.. Nevermind, it stills awsome! well done Dima thumbup.gif

: MiriamEla 18.11.2010, 23:49

I agree with Evi - Why is Dima doing so much playback? Even the rehearsal for DwW. Eurovision is all about live singing! D=

: ybet_koldun 20.11.2010, 17:22

Does someone knows is there a full video of this version??? 0:30 - 0:47 please..


: MiriamEla 20.11.2010, 20:24

Yep! It's on the audio/video thread in the media section.

: ybet_koldun 20.11.2010, 23:33

(MiriamEla @ 20.11.2010, 21:24) *
Yep! It's on the audio/video thread in the media section.

can u giv me the link?i cant find it there's so many unsure.gif

: MiriamEla 21.11.2010, 8:22

I'd actually rather give you the link to the performance rather than the rehearsal: http://ifolder.ru/20376800

Yeah... it's playback again... but I think I know why. I think it's because they didn't have microphones for all the kids, and because the kids had to lipsynch they made Dima do it as well. They should've just bought the mics, but... ah well.

: Borislav_Borce 21.11.2010, 13:03

Huge BRAVO for Dima for this perfect performance in all sence of the word. clapping.gif Thanks a lot to organizators for the perfect JESC for me one of the best because till now I watched all JESC.
I want to say many things but I'm afraid that I will miss something because I can comment about this special performance all day and all night.But I want to share few impresions with all of you.
I watched the performance on huge screen and I really enjoyed the whole athmosphere there.The whole performance was so touching and magical and Dima really sent the message of the song not only with his voice and the lyrics but also with the movments of his face and body so he definitely touched our hearts and the hearts of the milion viewers from all around the world .Also I liked his clothes and hair and I think that his outfit was perfect for the song and the whole scene performance.The director who directed the performance did amazing job because we could see Dima's emotions.The kids also did great job and made the performance more orginal.I like the song very much and now I like it even more.
My congratulations and respect for Dima for this masterpiece of performance on JESC and I hope like he said in the interview that we can see him on the Eurovsion 2011 in Germany..Now I'm looking forward to hear the duet with the singer from Holand, Zaklin and of course news about his second album.I think that we can expect many interesting surprises from Dima for all of us,his fans.Definitely proud to be Dima's fan. thumbup.gif

: asichka2 21.11.2010, 18:08

clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif I LOVE THAT PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dimka was very serious,but this performance really,really touch my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: Gladys 22.11.2010, 11:09

I like this Eurovision very much!!!
Dima was perfect like always)))))) give_rose.gif
His performance was magnificent !!!! clapping.gif
Thanks a lot to organizators for warm atmosphere of evening)))))
The image was corresponding, nothing superfluous
On a scene Dima remarkably was singing a serious,tremendous song!!! give_rose.gif
It was be touched and really touch my heart wub.gif ))))))
Dima in the middle,around children-there was such all pretty,charming))))))
Thanks to Dima for performance!!! clapping.gif give_rose.gif

: skymiles 24.11.2010, 11:13

The Children's Eurovision is definitely great! So many emotions and beautiful music. I see that Dima becomes more active again. I also liked the interview in English. We did not hear him speaking English for a while. Hopefully, Dima will go to Eurovision, and there will be definitely more surprises.

Anyways, congratulations Dima!

: ls227 25.11.2010, 10:34

yes skymiles i totally agree with you. the interview was good. dima's english is really good. good luck to dima in eurovision. i hope he will actually go there.

: Borislav_Borce 17.12.2010, 10:04

I made a video for the song which is Dima's New year surprise for us.I hope that you will like it:


: Ocean-crosser 18.12.2010, 0:06

That was a really good video, Borislav!!

I have slightly mixed impressions about the song. The music is not the best that Bagrat ever wrote, but I'm kind of touched because it sounds similar to a lot of my experiments on the Reason program - some piano and very synthy - and one of the "instrument" settings sounds EXACTLY like something I used for an instrumental break in a song I made! As for the lyrics, of course I'm sad that he didn't choose mine, but it was a good choice, and it's really interesting what he said about the lyrics fitting an already composed song. And of course, Dima sounds as good as ever on the vocals. <3

Time for me to put music to my own lyrics...

: Guinness 20.12.2010, 19:05

Hi there! It's one of those days again...

Here is a modest English translation of what Dmitry wrote in the Russian Audio/Video Discussion at 0:57 a.m. Moscow time today:

As usual, I want to start with our traditional lets embrace each other, however not formally but wholeheartedly)
I have made up my mind to share this with you
Today I have received a master track of yet another song to be included into my album; we will think it over how to name it, but I like it a lot even without a name))
Now, here is what we have: 5 songs are ready, including my duo with Jacqueline and "In an Empty Room", to say nothing of the fresh snow that, as I have noticed, is especially liked:)
I have a lot of work in front of me, now this work is going on at two songs, one of which is "She", while the other one is an English-language track, the name of which I would not want to disclose at this stage However, it will also have a Russian-language version. And surely, as I have promised, I will select a track from the Contest texts there are plenty there, but I will try to do my best to select fast Also I have a few songs that are way down the road, all I can say now that one of them is called Hit!
And as they say in Paris, eau amen

: skymiles 22.12.2010, 13:03

That's such a nice message. It is great to hear from Dima again. I understand that he is working hard and I am waiting with patience for new surprises. I wanted to comment about the new song "padal sneg". It's pleasant to hear this type of song in these cold days. It seems that the music is more positive than the words, but still came out unusual.

: Ocean-crosser 23.12.2010, 18:15

That recording of by K/G/B is really interesting. Gurkova is pretty good and Barsukov is okay... but the song just sounds better as a solo... I know that K/G/B also did together. I wonder how many other Koldun classics they've performed/recorded.

: ybet_koldun 25.12.2010, 23:14

wow i love dima's new song out of the blue!!! wub.gif


Where Jacqueline is from? From Russia or...?

: Borislav_Borce 25.12.2010, 23:56

(ybet_koldun @ 25.12.2010, 23:14) *
wow i love dima's new song out of the blue!!! wub.gif


What Jacqueline is from? From Russia or...?

And I too!The preview of the song it's amazing!The song is so powerful and I really can't for the official premier of the song!
Ybet,Jacqueline is from Holland. smile.gif

: Victoria2011 26.12.2010, 15:28

I agree with you!!! This song just drives me crazy!!))
I love it sooo much!!! yahoo.gif yahoo.gif
I want it to represent our Belarus at Eurovision 2011!!! pleaaase!!!!!!.....

: skymiles 27.12.2010, 13:16

The new song with Jacqueline is very good. Is it really planned for Eurovision? That sounds drastically interesting! Can't wait to see the show.

: ybet_koldun 27.12.2010, 16:40

(skymiles @ 27.12.2010, 14:16) *
Is it really planned for Eurovision?

Really? newconfus.gif Dima will go this year in the ESC? or I understood wrong..?

: iviK 27.12.2010, 20:49

Ybet, Dima's planning to go to Eurovision again (maybe this year), but it's not sure yet. There must be a national selection (like Eurofest). Besides, I think that the song can't be published before November??! unsure.gif (I'm not sure of the date...) and Jacqueline is Dutchwoman...

I don't know, but I think this is not Dima's style. Rock (or pop/rock) suits him more...
'' '' is OK, wonderful song; but this is too 'dancy' pleasantry.gif

And I'm really impressed with Dima's performance in , ! He was amazing! Beautiful song and nice camera shootings. I want to see it live biggrin.gif

: Ocean-crosser 28.12.2010, 18:13

Woohoo!! I can't wait to hear the whole song! Right now I'm thinking that they both sound really good (Dima's voice... ahhhhh *swoon*) but their voices don't quite blend well together. Oh well, we'll have to wait for the finished version. And is it true that they're entering this for Eurovision???

: asichka2 28.12.2010, 20:38

It will be very cool,if that song is for Eurovizion,but Dima has the last word.

: MiriamEla 2.1.2011, 8:02

Heyaaa can someone ask on the Russian forum if anyone has a video of the parts of with Dima not singing? Like where http://s55.radikal.ru/i148/1012/dd/957e91e57d13.jpg (ooh magic!) comes from? I don't want to go there myself, but I really want to see the rest!

: Gladys 6.1.2011, 12:18

I like performance New Year Night on Channel One and Dima`s song Snow Was Falling .
The song is very much pleasant to me)))
Such gentle New Year's song))) give_rose.gif
And Dima looked wonderful))) thumbsup.gif

About the duet with Sogdiana
The song "The train" I listen with pleasure!
I will wait for new performances now.

And now about a duet with Jacqueline.
The song very very beautiful)))
It`s something unusual... In a word, a fantastic song!!! thumbup.gif give_rose.gif

: asichka2 7.1.2011, 17:46

Mee,too.Every day i listen ''Falling snow'' and a duet with Jackline. clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

So beatiful songs!!!!!

: skymiles 10.1.2011, 0:40

''Falling snow'' becomes even more pleasant after listening to it more and more. I still did not hear the complete version of the song with Jacqueline, and therefore cannot comment much, but partially it sounds good. I am not sure if Dima will go to Eurovision in a duet. I think that there will be another song for Eurovision if he will decide to go.
I also wanted to pay attention at the performance from the "Song of the Year". I think if there will be an English text for this song, then it will nicely go for Eurovision. Everything looks pretty nice with the piano.

: MiriamEla 17.1.2011, 8:30

It's so great to hear Out of the Blue finalized at last! (Yes, I WAS the first person to post it on this forum. Amazon rocks.) I'm amazed - yet another song that Dima gets SPOT ON. And Jacqueline sounded great too, and I did get used to the blend of their voices. The preview grew on me, so I was completely ready for the arrangement, the blend, etcetera, and then Dima just blew me away... aaaagain. The only problem with this song is that I don't think they sing enough. There's too much instrumental and not enough vocal. MORE DIMA! MORE! MORE! MORE!!!!

: Borislav_Borce 18.1.2011, 2:26

I'm also part of the huge list of fans that love"Out of the Blue" thumbup.gif .I really like the song and like I can see on the forum and on the other sites and forums the comments about the song are very positive!I want to say that I'm really impressed of the song because I'm big fan of the powerful and fast song and "Out of the Blue" is one of them.I really like the music and the lyrics and also Dima's voice.Dima's english is perfect so I think that he is totally ready for international carrier. I really like to listen Dima when he sings on english and I wish more new song on english.Like yesterday and today I can't stop listening the song.
I can't wait to hear Dima 's solo version of the song.I hope that soon we will have a chance to hear it.Also I really like the text that is writen on the official site for the premier of the song.Big thanks to the writer of the text and to Dima,Jacqueline and of course the composer for the song!
It's so cool that the video clip will be shoot in Netherlands so I hope that soon we will have more news about the video clip and many pictures and videos from Dima 's trip in Netherlands.
At the end I want to wish a lot of success to the song and let this song be only begining for Dima's international carrier which he really deserves!

: Gladys 18.1.2011, 13:21

With a premierea song to us)))) drinks.gif

I like very much a song "Out of the blue" !!! thumbup.gif
The song is dynamical,powerful )))
The melody and the text are interesting

The duet of Dima and Jacqueline is wonderful, harmonious))) thumbup.gif

Many thanks to the composer for the music, to the poet for the text

And Dime with Jacqueline for sining!!! give_rose.gif give_rose.gif give_rose.gif

PS I Will wait a clip on this song!!!

: ls227 24.1.2011, 5:24

Wow. This is cool. The song is pretty good. Can't wait to see the video. I hope Dima takes it to Eurovision.

: Guinness 26.1.2011, 16:44

Hello everyone, this is what Dmitry Koldun wrote at 04:47 Moscow time this morning in the Russian Audio/Video Discussion page:

"Hi there, I have stopped by in the morning))
I would like to say thank you to all who supports the promotion of Out of the Blue in the Internet, and also for all your opinions)) It was interesting to read them))
Now my team and I are working at the song She that is familiar to quite a few of you)), and at least two more absolutely new sound tracks are on the way, and we will shortly start working at one of those code-named Navigator))
Thats all for now)"


: skymiles 28.1.2011, 3:58

She is such a great song. The music is very beautiful, and the words makes it even more piercing into the mind.
After listening a complete version of "Out of the blue", I can say that this is definitely a good song. I like the combination of voices in a different pitch, and that makes it very original.

: MiriamEla 28.1.2011, 22:00

Aww, you're very welcome, Dima! It's always my pleasure spreading your name around! (For anyone who doesn't know, I made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTDiWFDEzoM, for which Jacqueline actually thanked me personally.)

I didn't really get a good listen to , because the video quality was kind of iffy and I wanted to wait until it was recorded, but what I remember hearing was very good. I'm really looking forward to hearing the studio version, and also this new "Navigator" song. Keep up the good work!

: Nadia 29.1.2011, 3:21

I absolutely love this new song "Out Of The Blue." It's great to have a new song in English and will boost Dima's international career into Europe. I can't wait to see the live performance and video clip!! yahoo.gif

: asichka2 31.1.2011, 14:29

Mee,too.I am sure,that the video will be great,i can't stop listening this song,IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!! clapping.gif

: Guinness 21.2.2011, 23:08

Hello there! This is what Dima wrote in the Russian-language Audio/Video Discussion at 21:29 today:

I want to share my impressions of the Music Ring on NTV
I believe that this is a good, well-done TV program of sensible format. Anyway, I was pleased to have participated in this project, especially that I had sparring with Glyzin))) Hopefully you will like the TV version))). Pity that the questions were mostly around politics And by the way, thanks for your support!
P.S. Tsoy is alive!)))


: skymiles 12.3.2011, 4:39

I just wanted to add some comments about the video from the photo session. It seems very interesting to see Dima in a diferent way. It would be even more unusual if he will decide to perform in this type of clothes. I found that some snow plus sun created a fresh mood, even though some people were sleepy at this time like me. That is a refreshing beginning of spring.flowers.gif

: skymiles 15.4.2011, 10:03

How do you guys like the performance with the little girl? It seems very cool! I think that Dima is performing with kids this year. That seems very nice, and it also gives an opportunity to these kids to perform with him. wow.gif

: MiriamEla 15.4.2011, 20:15

I think the webconference went really well... for not being able to understand it. He did answer my question, and he also answered somehting I've really wanted to find out, which was about his religious beliefs (except I didn't understand that very well either). If someone could post a transcription of the entire conference that would be fantastic, but I doubt anyone has the time. Also, Borislav, it seems you got major recognition.

: Nadia 16.4.2011, 13:03

I forgot to watch the conference so if anybody has a transcript that would be great!

: MiriamEla 16.4.2011, 19:57

I would really like a transcript as well. A video recording would be even better. Can I find one anywhere?

: Borislav_Borce 16.4.2011, 20:00

(MiriamEla @ 16.4.2011, 19:57) *
I would really like a transcript as well. A video recording would be even better. Can I find one anywhere?

I just ask Antis and she said to me that the video of the online conference will be soon!Probably in Monday!))I will also inform the other international fans about this!

: nightsilhouette 18.4.2011, 0:35

(Borislav_Borce @ 16.4.2011, 19:00) *
I just ask Antis and she said to me that the video of the online conference will be soon!Probably in Monday!))I will also inform the other international fans about this!

thanks a lot for this, Borce. I missed it too, darn timezones and I forgot it was Moscow time, so when I wanted tzo watch it I figured it's already 10pm in Moscow when it was 8Pm here -.-
Btw hello everyone! I'm back after awhile...had to open new account tho...=/

btw was conference in english too since Jacqueline was with him or was it in russian?

(nightsilhouette @ 17.4.2011, 23:33) *
thanks a lot for this, Borce. I missed it too, darn timezones and I forgot it was Moscow time, so when I wanted to watch it I figured it's already 10pm in Moscow when it was 8Pm here -.-
Btw hello everyone! I'm back after awhile...had to open new account tho...=/

btw was conference in english too since Jacqueline was with him or was it in russian?

geez I'm totally lost with settings here on this new forum...anyone care to help how do you edit your post here?

: Gladys 18.4.2011, 8:51

geez I'm totally lost with settings here on this new forum...anyone care to help how do you edit your post here?

Snezana,on the right side you can see +
It`s means TO CHANGE
And you can edit your post)

: nightsilhouette 19.4.2011, 6:06

(Gladys @ 18.4.2011, 7:51) *
Snezana,on the right side you can see +
It`s means TO CHANGE
And you can edit your post)

huh strange, cause I don't see it =/ maybe cause I got a new account and some settings are disabled? thaks a lot for your help tho! :]]

however, I've sent a message to antis now, so hopefully she can help me as I have problems with my account too =/

: Guinness 3.5.2011, 0:50

Hi there! I thought you may be keen to know what Dima wrote in yesterday's Audio/Video Discussions (at 13:40):

Good afternoon!

Now I have made up my mind to share with you a few thoughts on my artistic life
I am coming to conclusion that one way or another the process of creation is not getting any easier Rather the other way round I used to think that maybe I will learn and will be getting luck. Not likely! Every day, well, almost every day I come across some new problems and get childishly surprised with things that seem to be obvious Like those For example, with TopHit and the number of rotations. And even when the soundtrack is marked crimson in the broadcast calendar it will make no sense Without support of radio stations of the Moscow region who have their own rules and regulations.
Now we have two or three soundtracks and we are trying to select from them a song that will follow. Every now and then there appears desire to look for a song elsewhere, and this contest on the website is just a trifle, we are being sent new songs in many ways, and my meeting with Kobylyansky was not just to eat meatballs As well as my meetings with others, who are similarly well-known. Searching.
However, let me congratulate you with May Day and happy trails in your life!

: ybet_koldun 5.5.2011, 21:14

(Borislav_Borce @ 16.4.2011, 20:00) *
I just ask Antis and she said to me that the video of the online conference will be soon!Probably in Monday!))I will also inform the other international fans about this!

damn thumbdown.gif my pc wasnt working for a long time so ive missed everything sad.gif im so jealous of you

: ybet_koldun 11.5.2011, 12:03

Dima sang so great at Nuclear kid!! my favourite was day mne silu he sang it amazing yahoo.gif

: skymiles 12.5.2011, 10:39

The conference was definitely great. I was able to hear a lot of philosophical answers and interesting jokes. Thanks to Dima for that. I am also glad that we were able to see him again answering our questions.

: ybet_koldun 17.6.2011, 21:26

Can someone translate the video which Dima is giving some money inside a bottle?? What is that for?..

: MiriamEla 8.10.2011, 18:30

I really like ! I was beginning to think - after , , and - that Dima was getting a little bit attached to one sound, so it was great to hear a more upbeat song. And also, YAY, HE'S SINGING LIVE AGAIN!!!

: skymiles 24.12.2011, 12:17

I also like . It is a very romantic style and makes me just relax and listen. I hope that there will be more similar songs from Dima...

I also like . It is a very romantic style and makes me just relax and listen. I hope that there will be more similar songs from Dima...

: Guinness 2.1.2012, 1:48

Friends, this is the English translation of the New Year greeting Dmitry Koldun wrote in the Russian Audio/Video Discussion Section on January 1 at 8:24 p.m.:

"Dear members and guests of the Forum!
From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you with the New Year of 2012! Thank you for your votes and the time you spend on my music, discussion, critics and support of my songs. I am very grateful for everything! Let the new year be successful for you and me!))).
The year was difficult, and I hope the next one will not be any easier, but the more pleasant is the feeling of the goal attained in ones hands! I hope for your further support, THANK you that you are around!))) A Happy New Year!))) Hurrrrrray!"

: skymiles 18.1.2012, 11:37

I really like the video lip for . The surroundings are very beautiful and Dima's mood fits them well.

: MiriamEla 2.4.2012, 23:54

After the preview, the things I'm looking forward to the most on are:
1. - FINALLY!!! I'm sure this song has been haunting every Koldunya since the Korolyov concert in 2009. Now we are at last going to have it for real!
2. - After watching the performance video of this song I completely fell in love with it. I really want to hear the "official" version now.
3. - Just because it sounds a little bit different from Dima's normal stuff (if there is such a thing). It also seems like it would be coverable.

: MiriamEla 6.4.2012, 7:45

(double post)

First, I want to thank Dima for ing my last post. I'm honored that my opinion means that much.

So, Takeoff Day (as I'm now calling it) didn't work out so well for me, because there's no way as of yet to hear the album unless you go out and buy it in a store, and I can't exactly do that. When I finally get to hear the songs in full - I'm calling that Landing Day - I will put up opinions on them in this topic. May I suggest maybe putting on a site like iTunes or Amazon? I'm totally willing to buy it twice... especially with all the iTunes credit I have. I do still want a physical copy but darn it I want the songs!

Also, when I do review the album, if someone could translate what I post in a message to me that would be great.

: MiriamEla 14.4.2012, 17:53

(Sorry for multiple-posting, but there's no one else here and I can't talk this easily on the Russian forum!)

So I liked . It was fun and upbeat and a change from Dima's normal style. But I STILL haven't heard to !!!! If you want to put it on iTunes, I'm more than willing to buy it twice. If you don't, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put all the tracks up on the site! You did that for , so why not for this one too?

I really don't want to have to resort to sharesites...

: MiriamEla 17.4.2012, 20:41

Success! I've now entered what I'm going to call "cruising period" - that is, when I'm able to hear all the songs on (in bad quality) but don't own the album yet. Someone uploaded the songs onto Fresh Records, and even though I downloaded them, this is NOT a permanent subsitute for getting the music the right way. I won't be satisfied until I have the album in my hands, but I am now able to do that review that I promised for every song... so let's get started!

Main tracks:
: The first time I heard this song, the saxophone part seemed a little weird - like elevator music - but I've gotten used to it by now. I'm obviously fond of this song, since I even made a music video for my cover of it. I agree with Dima that it's pretty different from a lot of the music in the pop world today, and it's refreshing in a way.
: I was wondering which mix of this song was going to be on the album, since there are at least two different mixes with subtle differences. I personally like the one they chose, which has those few guitar notes during the second verse (unlike the first version that was released on the site). My favorite part of this song is the chorus at the end.
: I remember when this song was released, and it was a more upbeat song after a string of ballads - sort of a return to Dima's earlier style (which makes sense because he wrote this one). Even though that's not as much the case here, it's hard for me to get rid of that impression. It's a great song.
: The first new song! I like the chords, I like the contrast between the verses and the choruses, and I really like the vocal effects. The bagpipes in the middle are a nice touch too. I can't help smiling at " "...
: This song has changed a lot from its first performance from the live set in Korolyov. For the most part I prefer the album version, but I do miss the beginning/ending ostenato and the original keyboard solo. I like the addition of the oriental instruments and the gong (I know that's Dima's favorite part).
: I was expecting something a little different at the beginning, given what Dima played in the preview video, but I like what I heard. There's that little "oh" during the chorus that I'm not too fond of. I have to say that Anton's solo is one of my favorite parts of this song, and I think that maybe taking the arrangement of instruments from under the solo and putting it into the chorus would have made the song even better.
: This has got to be my favorite song on the album. I listened to it a few times on and it still gives me the same exhilarating feeling. It's just an all-around amazing ballad - emotional, powerful, and moving. Some highlights of this track for me are the "sonar pings" at the beginning, the lead-in to each chorus, the false echo ( ), and the heartbeat at the end. It feels like my own heartbeat...
: I have a feeling this song could be really great with a different arrangement. As it is, it's okay, but some elements seem out of place - for example, the funk rhythm doesn't agree with the slightly oldies-sounding chord progression. I like the verses more than the chorus.
: I can't help but see the opening credits of 20 ! There's not much I can say about this song. It's a good one, let's leave it at that.
radio edit: I always enjoy listening to this song, especially since I've recently been re-watching clips from the rock opera. I really can't tell which version of the song I like more (this one or the one on ). I think I like the vocals on this version more though.
: Wow, I just noticed that this is the only non-bonus song on the album in a major key! It's a lot more pop-sounding than any of the others, but I don't mind. I could do without the backing vocals though. This is still the song that I want to cover.
Bonus tracks:
A Day Without War: Still as meaningful as when I first heard it. It was a great song for JESC and UNICEF and if I ever do some sort of peace presentation I'll make sure to use it. (However, it still annoys me that the line isn't "give me A day without war".)
Ray of Light: Party time! I really enjoy listening to this song - so much that I always find myself dancing in my seat. Also, Dima's accent is a lot less noticeable here than in any of the other songs in English.
: I remember when this song first came out and my town had just had an ice storm, so the feeling of the song was enhanced by where I listened to it. It really is beautiful. It also reminds me somewhat of my own songs.
remix: I was surprised at how well this song responds to remixing. This remix is okay, but I wish they had used the other one (the Ugrumov remix) - it changed the chords in a way that better suited an upbeat song.
remix: This song doesn't remix quite as well, especially with the saxophone. I do like the echo effect at the end. That was cool.

Overall impressions: Great album. Lots of good songs. I would have preferred more songs written by Dima, because they're usually the ones I like more. I can't wait to get my own copy!

(Someone PLEASE translate this for me in a private message so I can post it in Dima's thread!!!)

: 17.4.2012, 20:59

Offtop: if someone translates the above for MiriamEla please let me know as I will be able to do it tomorrow morning Moscow time (and I'll do it) Thanks

: iviK 18.4.2012, 20:34

(MiriamEla @ 17.4.2012, 21:41) *
Success! I've now entered what I'm going to call "cruising period" - that is, when I'm able to hear all the songs on (in bad quality) but don't own the album yet. Someone uploaded the songs onto Fresh Records, and even though I downloaded them, this is NOT a permanent subsitute for getting the music the right way. I won't be satisfied until I have the album in my hands, but I am now able to do that review that I promised for every song... so let's get started!

Yes? Where? Please, can you give me a link. Because- in my country, it's the same. I have no chance to get to listen the album, or even have it in my hands... give_rose.gif

: MiriamEla 18.4.2012, 22:24

(iviK @ 18.4.2012, 14:34) *
Yes? Where? Please, can you give me a link. Because- in my country, it's the same. I have no chance to get to listen the album, or even have it in my hands... give_rose.gif

They're on now, in better quality. You can listen http://vk.com/audio?id=-10895265. I don't think you need to be part of the group.

: iviK 19.4.2012, 20:36

Hmmm.. " Please log in or sign up to view this page. " :-(
But thank you anyway. I'll find it, somewhere :-))

: MiriamEla 19.4.2012, 22:48

Okay, I didn't want to post it, but here's the sharesite where I originally listened: http://freshrecords.ru/showthread.php?t=1024227

Like I said, it's far from the best quality.

: iviK 20.4.2012, 14:52

I've found it also (but in another web)- and in better quality.
I'll try to post my notes later. But from the first listening I have to admit it's great. Even though totally diffrent from the first album..

: MiriamEla 25.5.2012, 6:25

The plane has landed!

Thanks to Donna for sending me the CD!

: skymiles 27.5.2012, 5:25

Did anybody see Dima on Euro? It was so awesome that he was announcing the votes. I was happy to see him there.

: ybet_koldun 27.5.2012, 14:35

(skymiles @ 27.5.2012, 6:25) *
Did anybody see Dima on Euro? It was so awesome that he was announcing the votes. I was happy to see him there.

I did! yahoo.gif I was so happy when I saw him, he was so handsome! wow.gif
I had so many years to see him on my tv again..
Next year lets hope to see him as a participant give_rose.gif

: MiriamEla 27.5.2012, 19:48

Dima did a great job announcing the votes - very professional! It was great to see him doing something for Eurovision! I wish he had worn the black shirt, but... oh well.

: iviK 27.5.2012, 20:54

Yeah, he was amazing. I couldn't wait for him wub.gif
It was great to see him on ESC again (omg, it's been 5 years since then !!)
I think it hadn't been his choice to wear these clothes. I'd have rather to see him in 'normal' clothes too, miriam
He isn't a pop star, but ok ;-) He was still the best thumbsup.gif

: skymiles 11.6.2012, 19:40

Guys! I can tell that everyone noticed the change in the style of a shirt during Eurovision. This is interesting. I also believe that it was not his choice to wear that shirt. Dima still looked great as always.

: iviK 26.10.2012, 21:10

So, how do you like Dima's new clip '-'?

I have to admit it's a very beautiful video. it's completely different Dima I used to know. I didn't like it first, it was i don't know..slow. But now I SEE air_kiss.gif
Great idea- the forest, memories.. Just perfect
And Dima, oh Dima, gorgeous, handsome, perfect, faultless like always :-)

: MiriamEla 13.11.2012, 6:17

(here's a post, admins)

- almost literally made me cry. It's a beautiful song with a beautiful video. I understood the story of the video perfectly and it actually fit the song. The cinematography was brilliant. And of course I love the song - it's great and very moving.

Plus, bonus points for finding a kid who looks like he could be mini-Dima! (of course, we all know that's not what he really looked like, but hey, whatever works)

: 1.5.2013, 16:54

Sooooo... Have you already heard Dima's new song "Don't be sad" (Ne grusti)? What do you think about it?
As for me I do like it! It seems to me so... I even can't explain... so much positive I named it "a small piece of happiness" wink.gif
If you haven't heard the song yet you can find it in the "/" in Media. The song was taken from the Russin radio of Belarus that's why it lacks some words in the beginning.

: iviK 3.5.2013, 20:33

( @ 1.5.2013, 17:54) *
Sooooo... Have you already heard Dima's new song "Don't be sad" (Ne grusti)? What do you think about it?
As for me I do like it! It seems to me so... I even can't explain... so much positive I named it "a small piece of happiness" wink.gif
If you haven't heard the song yet you can find it in the "/" in Media. The song was taken from the Russin radio of Belarus that's why it lacks some words in the beginning.

Yeah, I like " " too. It is very possitive biggrin1.gif . I understand just a little bit of lyrics, but it is wonderful. I like the style of the song, expecially the guitar. It reminds me of Dima 2-3 years ago... Hope there will be a full version soon innocent.gif

: MiriamEla 7.5.2013, 7:58

What's that? Dima has a new song out? DROP EVERYTHING AND BASK IN THE GLORY!!!

Okay, rocks! It's completely different from almost everything on his latest album - it seems like 2009 Dima is back this time! The very first thing that struck me was the retro-sound, kind of reminding me of the Beatles with the guitar setting. The vocal is, of course, fabulous - no surprises there. I'm particularly fond of the wordless backing vocals in the chorus. Who wrote this one? I don't understand all of the lyrics, but big kudos for giving a happy contrast to the melancholy tone of the last few songs/album. Edit: Dima wrote the words? See, you're not limited to writing sad songs, this is great!!!
And also can we talk about how Team Koldun went straight to music video with this one? I saw some pictures from the filming and kind of guessed that was happening but I'm amazed that the song/video was kept under wraps for so long. It's a fun change from the traditional story-videos, although I would have liked to see more "performance mode" Dima on camera. =D

(Oh, by the way, I wrote a long post about Dima on my Tumblr. http://elanchana.tumblr.com/post/48490289657/i-need-to-write-about-something-i-love)

: 8.5.2013, 0:51

A bit later (hope, within few days) I'll try to translate lyrics for you to understand wink.gif

: iviK 8.5.2013, 10:39

Dima! You have to hear me biggrin1.gif . I wanted the entire song and lyrics- and so here they are biggrin1.gif ! Thank you for the lyrics, now I understand perfectly (but still, it'll be perfect Alena, to translate it smile.gif )
I love the video. It is so powerful, it gives you so much energy... The idea to create the video completely another way is wonderful. You surprise us every day wink.gif
Well done!

: 11.5.2013, 22:52

I've promised you to translate .
Here it is wink.gif

Don't Be Sad

A soft summer morning,
You will not be able to wait for a call.
The rain on the eyelashes. Minutes have been frozen.
Good-bye. See you. Bye.
Someone won't return,
Someone won't say: "Wait!"
Only cold sun instead of your love
From the window of an empty flat

Don't be sad in vain
And don't regret anything.
Happiness will say: "Hello!"
And evrything will be OK again.

You'll dry the tears of hurt,
Hide from everyone in the rain.
The songs which were sung you by stars
Will stay in your heart forever.
The memory will not be able to understand
A silly word "forgive".
Time sometimes regrets no one,
But you don't give up, fly!

Don't be sad in vain
And don't regret anything.
Happiness will say: "Hello!"
And evrithing will be OK again

: MiriamEla 12.5.2013, 20:33

Thank you for the translation, Alena!

Is anyone else overjoyed that Dima's added , back into his setlist? That's always been one of my favorite songs to see him do live, so it's awesome to watch him bring it back! It seems like he's gotten back into the rocker spirit - I wouldn't be surprised if he started going 100% live again =D

Also, http://25.media.tumblr.com/9bf06acf571f57c22cc3f2e26abc6341/tumblr_mmp07agwd61r04yv0o1_500.png.

: MiriamEla 15.6.2013, 21:06

OH MY GOSH. Graphics. Pyrotechnics. New keyboardist. Epic Pasha solo. Drumstick toss. New triangle-K branded guitar. http://mimishka007.livejournal.com/87434.html. Absolutely flawless vocals from Dima. MADE ME CRY. Was there anything not amazing about the Mir concert?!

It looks like it was pro-shot too. Any idea when we'll get high quality footage?

: 6.10.2013, 23:46

As you can see in November there will be a new album of Dmitry Koldun - The city of big lights.
If someone want to buy this album you can turn to our http://koldun.name/forum/index.php?showuser=116. She is ready to help you. She'll order the album at one Russian website, where it is possible to send it anywhere. You have to write her your name, surname and the exact postal address.
If there is some people of the same country you'd better cooperare 'cause postage is quite expensive.
So if you want to buy the album or you have questions - write to http://koldun.name/forum/index.php?showuser=116. She speaks English)
And one more thing. We need to wait until the album appears on that website and only after that it will be clear that it is possible to send it. I hope it happens in the last days of this month, with the official release of the album.

: MiriamEla 29.10.2013, 19:21

Hey Koldunyas! I've put my order in with Donna for my lovely physical copy of , but while I'm waiting, I did manage to find all the songs online (AS A PLACEHOLDER) so here's a review!

: I feel like I've landed in a classic movie... This is my first clue that Dima's mixing the sound of his latest album with the sound of his first one. I like it. It has the driving rock beat of with the romance of . The song itself seems like a spiritual successor to .
-: Of course I've heard this one before, and I can't help remembering the first previews on Dima's Twitter vlogs when he would turn the music off right before the chorus. It's a beautiful song. I especially like the bridge with " -" and the shimmery soft chorus right after it. And can I remind myself that the music video made me cry?
: Now THAT is a magical combination of guitar and synth! It's dreamy... and then the beat starts and we have the "album-mix" sound once again. LOVE the harmonies! This might get a spot as one of my favorites on the album.
: It started like a generic pop ballad... but this is Dima, and Dima doesn't do generic pop. I'm liking the extra harmonies and drum effects during the verses. The soft chorus is REALLY cool, with a different vocal on both octaves. Is that Anna doing the "ah"s at the end? That melody is going to haunt me, I know it.
: This is a great song to groove to. I'm not too fond of the chord progression, but I think it's going to grow on me. The solo is awesome. And then Dima brings on the unexpected amazing high notes. Ahhh....
: .... , ! http://koldun.name/forum/index.php?showtopic=25&view=findpost&p=25557. It never fails to make me smile.
: That beginning was unexpected! This also reminds me of , especially with the piano countermelodies. Another great bridge-chorus. And I love the ending with the guitar echoing. It kind of sounds like the struggle to "not remember her" is going to be endless.
: This one reminds me of . It has the same sort of Beatles-esque guitar sound. And it also reminds me of a classic movie, like did. What is that voice saying in the background?????
: It doesn't sound very much like Dima, which makes sense because Katya wrote this one, so it probably sounds like her other songs (which I haven't heard). I'm definitely dancing in my chair. Their voices sound good together.
: I was expecting , but instead I'm getting reminded a lot of from the last album. It's really different from any of the other songs, and Anton's style almost reminds me of my own. Again, I love the combination of guitar and synth. A nice contrast to the rest of the album and a great way to end it.

Overall: It's great to see Dima getting back into the songwriting, both on music and lyrics. A lot of the album seemed to be using and as prototypes, which doesn't give much variation but does make a good sound. I look forward to listening to it a couple hundred more times. ;D

(If someone could send me a Russian translation of this so I can put it on the review thread, I'd really appreciate it~)

: iviK 24.11.2013, 13:18

Hi all!

I absolutely love Dima's new album. It sound so fresh and easy. Each song has its own spirit and that's good. I even can't tell which song I like the best 'cause it varies every single day. - is such a beautiful balad, videoclip too. When you're feeling low, is the best cure. I'm always smiling while hearing this song. has beautiful music on the other hand very sad lyrics... is very catchy, I like it very much. The song with was a great deal. It sounds little bit different but very nice. ...I could continue on and on but I think you already know I'm really impressed by the new album. I like it much more than the previous one, . I like it from the first time; it took me some time to get along with .

All in all, it's a fantastic job! Well done. Good luck, you deserve it thumbsup.gif give_rose.gif

(just one point: is beautiful- but: isn't it a little bit confusing to have two songs with the same name? rolleyes.gif )

: MiriamEla 26.9.2014, 8:47

Yay, a new song!

Kind of like , the harmonies and the production remind me of the few old Soviet films I've seen. I personally like Dima's other styles more but this is great too. Flawless vocal as always. I like how the melody shows off Dima's range. The video looks cool, though I would have preferred a few shots of Dima singing.

: MiriamEla 17.11.2015, 2:49

FINALLY! Since I have no way of getting the album in the USA if someone doesn't send it to me, I've had no choice but to get it off a sharesite, and that took a lot longer than I wanted. As always, this is just a placeholder and not a substitute for getting it legally, but it means I can listen to the songs, so let's go!

: Somehow I don't remember ever hearing this song in as high quality as here. I like the sound - like I said before, it reminds me of old Soviet films, with the slightly forlorn quality and the strings in the background.
: And here's the pop-rock Dima I used to know! I expected something a bit different in the chorus, but I really like what I hear. The buildup before each chorus is especially satisfying, and the voice-over in the bridge... whisper to me forever.
: I feel like this is in the same style as . It's got the romantic feel at the start, and then the guitars kick in for a rock feel in the chorus. I don't make very many comments on lyrics, but these stand out with some great parallel lines - " , , ..." Really well done.
: Wow, this takes me back to the days of and . It's awesome to hear a power ballad like this from Dima after so long. From the soft start to that amazing high note climax, this is one of those songs that I can only describe as "epic".
: Another different style! I don't think I've ever heard Dima sing something in this kind of folky 3/4 that wasn't a cover since , and I think this song is even more beautiful.
: This was my favorite of the three new songs Dima premiered a couple months ago. I love the pop-rock sound here and the melody, especially in the chorus, is really well written. I can't hear Dima as well as I'd like to, though.
: After such strong tracks, I have to say I can't get behind this song as much. Some of the chords and sounds don't feel right. But that's okay - I'm sure it will grow on me (I felt the same way about ).
: Is it weird that I can hear influence from other Russian pop music in this song? It reminds me of some of the things that Dima was singing back in Fabrika. I also kind of like how it sounds somewhat like a musical theatre song - lots of range!
-: I think I have a new favorite song on this album in terms of songwriting. The melody is amazing and the harmonies are gorgeous. The production is powerful too and Dima's voice fits in perfectly.
: This song definitely has the most drama. There's so much range, not just vocally but also in dynamics and production. It's a lot to take in.
: One more style change before we end, hey? The guitar in this reminds me of Graham Coxon (anyone heard of him) and the driving beat is kind punk-rock-esque. I love how uplifting the sound of this song is.

Overall thoughts: This is the most stylistic variety I've heard on a Dima album so far. So much fantastic music, and some real proof that our man can sing anything. Bravo.

(I'm going to post this on the official album thread once I get it translated into Russian - and I'll need help with some parts...)

: MiriamEla 16.4.2016, 19:14

Just heard and currently listening to it on repeat. HELL YES I LOVE THIS SONG. It's got Dima's perfect mixture of rock and romantic, with the driving beat and the sort of Coldplay-esque synths in the background. The chorus hook is awesome, and need I say Dima sings it flawlessly?

Don't know if anything will beat out - as my favorite Dima song for a while though...

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