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сообщение 26.3.2010, 13:20
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Hello everyone! flowers.gif
This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions!

P.S: This topic is for discussion only.
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сообщение 17.4.2012, 20:41
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Success! I've now entered what I'm going to call "cruising period" - that is, when I'm able to hear all the songs on Ночной пилот (in bad quality) but don't own the album yet. Someone uploaded the songs onto Fresh Records, and even though I downloaded them, this is NOT a permanent subsitute for getting the music the right way. I won't be satisfied until I have the album in my hands, but I am now able to do that review that I promised for every song... so let's get started!

Main tracks:
Ночной пилот: The first time I heard this song, the saxophone part seemed a little weird - like elevator music - but I've gotten used to it by now. I'm obviously fond of this song, since I even made a music video for my cover of it. I agree with Dima that it's pretty different from a lot of the music in the pop world today, and it's refreshing in a way.
В комнате пустой: I was wondering which mix of this song was going to be on the album, since there are at least two different mixes with subtle differences. I personally like the one they chose, which has those few guitar notes during the second verse (unlike the first version that was released on the site). My favorite part of this song is the chorus at the end.
Корабли: I remember when this song was released, and it was a more upbeat song after a string of ballads - sort of a return to Dima's earlier style (which makes sense because he wrote this one). Even though that's not as much the case here, it's hard for me to get rid of that impression. It's a great song.
Не моя вина: The first new song! I like the chords, I like the contrast between the verses and the choruses, and I really like the vocal effects. The bagpipes in the middle are a nice touch too. I can't help smiling at "не моя вина что ты хотела меня"...
Не с той: This song has changed a lot from its first performance from the live set in Korolyov. For the most part I prefer the album version, but I do miss the beginning/ending ostenato and the original keyboard solo. I like the addition of the oriental instruments and the gong (I know that's Dima's favorite part).
Я люблю: I was expecting something a little different at the beginning, given what Dima played in the preview video, but I like what I heard. There's that little "oh" during the chorus that I'm not too fond of. I have to say that Anton's solo is one of my favorite parts of this song, and I think that maybe taking the arrangement of instruments from under the solo and putting it into the chorus would have made the song even better.
Маяк: This has got to be my favorite song on the album. I listened to it a few times on ВКонтакте and it still gives me the same exhilarating feeling. It's just an all-around amazing ballad - emotional, powerful, and moving. Some highlights of this track for me are the "sonar pings" at the beginning, the lead-in to each chorus, the false echo (море из дождя), and the heartbeat at the end. It feels like my own heartbeat...
Под дождём: I have a feeling this song could be really great with a different arrangement. As it is, it's okay, but some elements seem out of place - for example, the funk rhythm doesn't agree with the slightly oldies-sounding chord progression. I like the verses more than the chorus.
Ничего: I can't help but see the opening credits of 20 лет без любви! There's not much I can say about this song. It's a good one, let's leave it at that.
Звезда radio edit: I always enjoy listening to this song, especially since I've recently been re-watching clips from the rock opera. I really can't tell which version of the song I like more (this one or the one on Колдун). I think I like the vocals on this version more though.
Дыхание: Wow, I just noticed that this is the only non-bonus song on the album in a major key! It's a lot more pop-sounding than any of the others, but I don't mind. I could do without the backing vocals though. This is still the song that I want to cover.
Bonus tracks:
A Day Without War: Still as meaningful as when I first heard it. It was a great song for JESC and UNICEF and if I ever do some sort of peace presentation I'll make sure to use it. (However, it still annoys me that the line isn't "give me A day without war".)
Ray of Light: Party time! I really enjoy listening to this song - so much that I always find myself dancing in my seat. Also, Dima's accent is a lot less noticeable here than in any of the other songs in English.
Падал снег: I remember when this song first came out and my town had just had an ice storm, so the feeling of the song was enhanced by where I listened to it. It really is beautiful. It also reminds me somewhat of my own songs.
В комнате пустой remix: I was surprised at how well this song responds to remixing. This remix is okay, but I wish they had used the other one (the Ugrumov remix) - it changed the chords in a way that better suited an upbeat song.
Ночной пилот remix: This song doesn't remix quite as well, especially with the saxophone. I do like the echo effect at the end. That was cool.

Overall impressions: Great album. Lots of good songs. I would have preferred more songs written by Dima, because they're usually the ones I like more. I can't wait to get my own copy!

(Someone PLEASE translate this for me in a private message so I can post it in Dima's thread!!!)

Сообщение отредактировал MiriamEla - 17.4.2012, 20:49

Моя музыка!
I love
To be gone
At least 'til dawn
In reality of dreams...
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