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Форум | Дмитрий Колдун _ Koldun Dmitry _ Discuss photos

Автор: Gladys 26.3.2010, 13:01

This thread is for discussion of Dmitriy Koldun`s photos.
Please don`t forget about decency and the rules of forum!

P.S.: This topic is for discussion only

Автор: Gladys 26.4.2010, 10:40

I like very much the photos from the charitable action! give_rose.gif

Thanks for such wonderful photos Antis and to an official site give_rose.gif

They are very positive!
The kiddies are happy!
And Dima is glad! thumbup.gif

Each photo is such kind and warm!
It is pleasant to look at them.

Thanks to Dime that he has found time to present to these deprived children a little love, attention and happy. give_rose.gif

Автор: Borislav_Borce 26.4.2010, 12:29

I totally agree with everything that Gladys wrote. give_rose.gif
I like all photos,especially the 7th picture(which is my background now).I so like the card that the girl made it for Dima.She is very talented because the card is lovely and from Dima's smile on the picture I can notice that he liked the card!
Like fan I'm so proud and happy that my role model is doing humanitarian work and made for these children one day full with love,happiness attention and also sang for them and gave to them his post card with autograph.I'm sure that the children will never forget that day full with love and care.
Such a great action which everyone should support it and huge thanks to Dima because without thinking he did that! give_rose.gif
Many thanks for the pictures to the official site and Antis.

Автор: iviK 26.4.2010, 21:08

Yes, I definitely agree with both of you. All the pictures are really beautiful. girl_wink.gif
It seems they had a great time full of happinnes and joy. A famous person is with them, talking, playing with them...
Be sure they'll never forget it, Borce! It's unforgettable wink.gif It was amazing day for them and for Dima too. So many memories to share with each other, talk to.
And it wasn't the first time he did something like this. Some time ago he had been in children's hospital I think...
It's nice from him, so kind smile.gif

Автор: Borislav_Borce 9.5.2010, 9:41

Many thanks for the new (I will say photoshoot) pictures to the official site,Antis and one special huge thanks to Dima for the beautiful pictures. give_rose.gif
I always like the surprises from the official site.They are always so amazing so simply they leave you without words.I hope that Dima will suprise us again with a new photoshoot very soon because it's always great to see such a wonderful pictures like these.The pictures for me are simply the best.I can't choose my favourite because I like all of them.Dima looks so amazing. thumbup.gif
Also congratulations to the photographer because he did great job.The photo camera loves Dima and I love his poses on the pictures.
I remember that Dima also was wearing trousers with soldier's style on the performance from the Fabrika Zvezd 6 with A -Studio.I really liked them and also I like this soldier outfit.It looks really great on him.
The pictures are like from a film in which Dima is main role.I agree with Ярилис because for me also these pictures are deffinitely for a cover of a magazine and also they can be used like posters.
For me will be great to see Dima dress like soldier in some of his next video clips of course If the story of the video let that.Also the place where the pictures are made is so beautiful.The nature is also great for shooting.
His new haircut is also very beautiful.I really like it.
The pictures says that the tv show «Армейский магазин» will be so cool and intersting for watching.
Also Майк_Вазовский,,Svetik_kalaturs and Ninokin many thanks for the pictures.I like them.The stage looks so beautiful and I really love the song that Dima was singing on the event.

Автор: LG22 13.5.2010, 10:36

I also like the photos from the official site. Thanks for them. I'm glad that Dmitriy took part in such a great event. It seems that he might create a clip like this and that is going to be very interesting. I hope he'll read it and will decide to do that. biggrin.gif

Автор: Borislav_Borce 14.5.2010, 9:08

Sova thanks a lot for the wonderful surprise.
The picture from the article is so interesting.The draw looks so cool.It's real masterpiece.I'm really impressed and the picture for me is so beautiful surprise.
From Dima's haircut I think that the picture is new so I'm wondering If they took only one picture for the magazine or there is photoshoot?
If they are many pictures I would want to see them in great quality.I hope that we can get some pictures of this interesting picture from the official site.The idea on the magazine is fantastic and I also like the text.
Sova ones again thanks for the positive energy and the beautiful article and I hope and wait news about this picture(I really hope photoshoot) from the official site.

Автор: Borislav_Borce 7.6.2010, 10:29

Thank you so much to Dima for his message on his blog and for the WONDERFUL picture. clapping.gif
It really made my day and bring me so much positive energy.
The picture that he sent is the best and I think that says everything and for me is worth for million words.
I like his clothes(the combination is so fantastic),haircut(I really like it.It looks so great on Dima),the scenography(from this that I can see is great and I like that everything is light)
Btw I noticed that on his neek he has a tattoo?
Also I like the fact that he did photoshoot on the shooting because I think that the picture is part of the photoshoot that he did on the shooting.I can't wait to see more pictures. thumbup.gif
Dima:Открою парочку секретов, сюжет исключительно прохладный, если не сказать - леденящий! Пустая комната - на самом деле не пуста... там все удобства и кое-кто еще... кто-то должен уйти....
This moment of the message made me so curious.But I really like to don't know the story because like this is more exaiting and interesting.
I think that we can expect quality and beautiful video.I have the feeling that this video clip will be better than the video clip for "Царевна".
Dima:Окончательный продукт должен быть готов недели через две, так что ждем вместе)))!!!
Such a wonderful end of the message.I can't wait.

Автор: ybet_koldun 7.6.2010, 22:34

When I saw those photos I screamed "ahhhhh finally" yahoo.gif yahoo.gif yahoo.gif he looks so charming wub.gif

I cant wait to see the clip.. and can someone tell me the tatoo on his neck what it means? biggrin.gif

Thank u so much for those great photos wink.gif)

Автор: MiriamEla 8.6.2010, 0:01

((Someone seems to REALLY be against my formatted messages...))

Those pictures make me really excited for the video. I'm anxious to see what kind of ice effects he's doing - from the ones on Muz it seems like there's going to be a bit of "magic"... And I must say that the picture he posted on his blog redefines the word sexy.

Автор: asichka2 8.6.2010, 14:56

HE IS SO AWESOME HERE girl_blum.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif give_rose.gif ,AND THE VIDEO WILL BE TOTALLY COOL,INTERESTING,WITH ONE WORD-AWESOME

Автор: ybet_koldun 10.6.2010, 23:43

Цитата(Borislav_Borce @ 7.6.2010, 10:29) *
Btw I noticed that on his neek he has a tattoo?

Hey, I realised what his tatoo says,(i dont know how to say it in english language) it says "amen", in ancient greek language!! wink.gif

Автор: LG22 2.7.2010, 11:10

I wanted to say some words regarding the photos from the video clip. I believe that lots of them came out really cold. Several people around said that Dima looked fake, but I still see that this is not true and, hopefully, you can see that. He is sad, as often, and I hope that he was not really sad, but just acted this way.

Автор: ls227 28.7.2010, 7:09

he looks beautiful even when he's sad...the photos from the video were very cool. the hairstyle goes for him even though the one he has now is cute as well.

Автор: skymiles 22.8.2010, 10:08

The new photos were so interesting. I liked the fountains. Dima is wearing glasses. I'm sure that people will not recognize him anyways, since we are not there right now.
The water slide looks like one in the Disney World in Orlando. Dima needs to come and experience it in Orlando. I think that he will like it.
It would be interesting to see Dima's face while he is sliding from that slide. Hopefully he wasn't so scared.

Автор: ls227 22.8.2010, 10:13

I really like Dima's Ed Hardy shirt in the new pictures. I hope he did some lizard shopping as well.

Автор: MiriamEla 23.8.2010, 22:20

LIZARD SHOPPING!!! That's such a good idea! I think he should bring back a lizard from every different country he visits.

I liked the Arab Emirates pictures. Especially the waterslide one... I would be scared to death if I had to go down one of those. Seems like Dima likes getting some thrills now and then!...

Автор: skymiles 30.8.2010, 10:25

Getting some epinephrine will never hurt. I can tell that from my experience. Lizard shopping is definitely fun.

I wanted to add some comments regarding the new photos. I think that classic style definitely fits. I like how this white shirt looks. It creates a fresh summer image.

Автор: ls227 4.9.2010, 10:21

I just saw Dima's new photos on the official website. He looks soo goood. His new white shirt is awesome and goes for him very well.

Автор: skymiles 4.9.2010, 10:34

I totally agree with you ls227! I also wanted to add that I liked the photos with the fishes.
It reminds me of some childhood photos. yahoo.gif

Автор: ls227 4.9.2010, 10:37

Yeah the fish photos are very interesting. He looks like he is having fun.

Автор: MiriamEla 5.9.2010, 22:53

Those photos were really cool!! It seems so odd that he's going to places I would probably never have access to... it looks so nice over there. I really like that one where he's swimming in... I think it's a river? A lake? Anyway, it definitely looks like he had fun there.

Автор: Borislav_Borce 6.9.2010, 16:44

Wonderful photos.I like them all. Dima,thanks a lot for sharing the photos from your vacation. give_rose.gif
United Arab Emirates is an amazing country and after I saw the photos I really would want to visit it someday.So many places where you can take great photos.The background especially of the 7th and the 8th photo is impressive. thumbup.gif

Автор: iviK 6.9.2010, 19:41

Haha. I will also roose Dima's photos. Those from the UAE- really wonderful! Nice views, the fish is the best thumbsup.gif !
(I think it's a swimming pool, Ela. There are lots of private pools in some hotels...)

And also the ones from Moscow! They are in excellent quality! Dima looks amazing air_kiss.gif . He sang live, finally biggrin.gif , so everything was a way better. And I noticed he has beautiful new shoes! Good work...

Автор: ls227 10.9.2010, 2:26

I noticed that Dima has been wearing a lot of black lately. I wonder if he dresses by his mood.

Автор: skymiles 29.10.2010, 11:42

I can see what you mean ls227. Probably, we would have to ask him one day about it. I see some gray colors on the photos... blink.gif

Автор: ls227 25.11.2010, 10:39

Well he is definetely wearing a lot of black. But it goes for him. His new black jacket on Junior Eurvision really goes for him smile.gif

Автор: skymiles 25.6.2011, 10:28

Guys!!! How do you like photos from meeting in "Airplane"? I found them very natural and friendly. It seems that Dima was happy to be there.

Автор: ybet_koldun 26.6.2011, 19:42

Цитата(skymiles @ 25.6.2011, 10:28) *
Guys!!! How do you like photos from meeting in "Airplane"? I found them very natural and friendly. It seems that Dima was happy to be there.

Dima looks he had, so much fun smile.gif

Автор: skymiles 7.8.2011, 9:08

The photos from Litva are so cool. A lot of them are so live, especially those where they work with the hairstyle.

Автор: MiriamEla 8.8.2011, 19:51

Has anyone noticed that that haircut he has at Ночной Хит looks exactly like the one he had in 2007 from Belarus 12 Points? It makes him look like he hasn't aged at all.

Автор: ybet_koldun 12.8.2011, 20:02

Цитата(MiriamEla @ 8.8.2011, 19:51) *
Has anyone noticed that that haircut he has at Ночной Хит looks exactly like the one he had in 2007 from Belarus 12 Points? It makes him look like he hasn't aged at all.

This is what I was think Myriam! and on the new pics (is he a pilot??!) he looks totally cutee air_kiss.gif

Автор: skymiles 27.8.2011, 11:55

Guys! I totally agree with you about a new haircut. It makes Dima younger. I believe that we go back to 2007 style and return to the past.

Автор: skymiles 24.10.2011, 9:43

Hey, guys! How do you like photos from Kazakstan? I think that they are so alive. It seems that we go back, and it reminds me of promo-tour times before Eurovision 2007. Similar travelling mood. rolleyes.gif

Автор: iviK 27.10.2011, 17:22

Yes, of course he looks amazing. But I think in Витебск it was more marked..

I'm SO glad that he's started to use uploading pictures via Twitter. However, I wonder how he finds time to tweet so much almost every day... But it's good, we are closer to him tongue.gif drinks.gif

Автор: asichka2 5.11.2011, 17:17

He is magician,it's normal to have a time for all. give_rose.gif
He can stop the time and other stuff like that. biggrin1.gif

Автор: ybet_koldun 17.11.2011, 0:42

Ok, why Dima is wearing that wig??? innocent.gif


Автор: skymiles 11.12.2011, 12:22

This wig is for one of the shows. I believe that Dima was getting a specific role there.

By the way, how do you guys like the photos with New Years tree? I think that they are so cute and right for this season of holidays.


Автор: iviK 1.1.2012, 14:56

Yes, it's nice. Also his photos as "Santa Claus" are very funny. Good job! tease.gif

Автор: ybet_koldun 15.1.2012, 0:20

Цитата(iviK @ 1.1.2012, 15:56) *
Yes, it's nice. Also his photos as "Santa Claus" are very funny. Good job! tease.gif

i agree with u give_rose.gif did u see a pic which he smokes a cigarette??

Автор: iviK 16.1.2012, 21:45

Yes, of course biggrin.gif Although I don't like to see him smoking- this one is very nice. biggrin1.gif And other ones (the black and white photos) are very well done.

Автор: MiriamEla 23.3.2012, 17:01

The album cover for Ночной пилот is AWESOME! Do you know if anyone's going to upload pictures from the album photoshoot onto the site? They're just so dead sexy... blush.gif

Автор: skymiles 7.8.2012, 21:45

How do you like the photos from Dima's birthday? I think that they are so nice. I can still see him playing the guitar and it is also nice to see that he did not change. I also liked the cake. It looked very interesting. The photos showed an amazing hospitality in the studio.

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