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Dmitry Koldun shared his sadnees.

Dmitry Koldun shared his sadnees.
He terribly offended the older brother
And he does not talk the second week with the singer.
George, works as the host on the Belarus TV.
In the end of March he was suggested to become the person large Ukrainian channel.
They asked to send the resume and promised to call back.
But did not call.
And on April, 1st Dima asked one girl to called to the brother and informed him that he confirmed
Also he can go to Kiev.

The brother simply danced for pleasure, Dmitry shared. To all other the hugeeguggenoronhuge salary was been promised e. George started to pack suitcases.
Here I have not sustained and "broken up": Excuse me and with a holiday to you!
I thought he kill me.
But thanks to me he has some minutes of happiness.
After all he is real not confirmed yet.

Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

"God of of the Air "
I do not know from what to begin
On April, the 18th this year has taken place next, to be exact to tell, the second radio award God of theAir
Last year this award debuted in Peter, and in present year organizers have made decision to transfer it to Moscow, so to say for big scale.
It is necessary to note, it was possible)))
For some days arrived the offer to me to act in a role of the host on this action, and I agreed.
Nothing foretold troubles when I with musicians arrived in due time we found out boxes with equipment practically in hotel foyer.
The scenario, which was promised, was not be too .
I and Masha especially did not worry, since this quite natural state of affairs at similar concerts where all preparation occurs at the last moment .
But far from it the concert Beginning has been planned on 18.00, at 18.40 I distinctly remember myself in one of rooms of the hotel in expectation of the scenario, at 19.00 the same expectation of the scenario, only in the general make-up room offstage.
And here started fanfares and reached to me that the scenario will not be)))
Further worse.
The list of the acting beginnings to vary in a mode of real time, and even in places not without our participation.
But if the approximate list of the actors, appearing on stage was, about those who should step on the stage for delivery of these "gods" of the information was not at all
Separately sunk down in soul a word of one of man ,who must be to hand in the award: And what I should hand over? And to whom?
The spice to all event added behind side scenes the crowd of police officers and dissatisfied people with yesterday's tickets in the Crocus-city Hall.

And all the same, mood from this all at me was not deteriorated at all)
As one of these days we have finished work on a new slow composition which I presented at a recent concert in Golden Palace.
I am sure that in the near future you necessarily will hear it in the air.
And if God of an aether 3 nevertheless will be, this song will have chance on a victory in one of the nominations.
To the next meeting!

Dmitriy Koldun will let out a new album in the winter

Dmitriy Koldun has written down the first single "In a room empty" from the future second album which release is planned for December, 2010.

The name of a new disk of Dmitriy while is not known, as well as exact date of release.

On the first single "In a room empty" in May will be the clip .

"Next week I start toclip shootingoffo theclip on a song "In a room empty".
The release of my second solo album will take place in the winter, the disk will be consist basically of slow and touching compositions", - Dmitriy Koldun told to the correspondent of "A music Card".

Dmitry Kolduna's new clip will get to rotation in the beginning of June.

Dmitriy Koldun: "In that music which we play, the main thing -It`s the mood" (specially for a site koldun.name).

On May, 1st

There are very rarely any "live" performance of singer Dmitriy Koldun without own group of professional musicians.
Than not an occasion to ask him some questions?
Dmitriy Koldun has told to us not only about them, but also how perceives join work with musicians, about the songs and creative hopes.

The part 1

Dima, name to us, please, your group.
How it is called?

-The group have not the name. In general the group the these fellows to named difficult. On my representations, the group is a collective which gathers, including during free time from the basic rehearsals, for creation of own products, for their record. I know that our guitarists Anton and Vasily play together at l in group The Burns.By the way, recently was at their concert))). I received different impressions! And as to representation of the fellows from a scene I am obligatory represent by name each of musicians.

- List, how call the fellows in your a command and who is engaged in it?
- The solo guitar is played by Anton Habibullin, very skilled guitarist with a long standing and the sight at the world.
But we all named him . It whether derivative of a surname, whether that he constantly wears cotton clothes.
The acoustic guitar is played by the Bishop (Denis Zhdanov). A nickname, unlike , Denis has received at us in collective for the kindness and a magnificent beard. And in general to me, apparently, he is very charismatic would look in clothes of the priest, but these are my imaginations. The drummer Vasily Bartov. Has a code rank "Mum" for the appearance he is house very much))). The Bass Guitarist Vasily Zubkov. We call him Vaso, he is very much as similar Vaso.

How you have picked up collective?How much a great the chance that people in it can exchange, and because of what ?
The fellows were recommended to me by my friend Alexander Astashenok. He told that there is good group "Trunks".
We have met, children have played a little and have decided that it is necessary to try to work.
The primary structure of group was slightly another, there was the played collective understanding each other.
And it`s absolutely suited to me.
Relations in collective in due course exchanged, musical sights have exchanged, the relation to work exchanged.
Therefore there were changes.
I consider that search of the adherents is a long process which is impossible without tests and errors.
As to changes in group structure from the person playing on the drums, I would like more game on that the former drummer was able.
And instead of the person behind keys it is now used portostudio. I think, if there will be any large solo performance, the structure of musicians to this event can extend.
From the most simple that can occur to me a violin.

Something the general connects all of you, except music? Or youy meet only on the rehearsals and the concerts?
- Sometimes we meet to sit in cafe, but it happens extremely seldom.
Therefore, as often happens, when there are musicians all the same talk about music.
About women, of course, too speak, but itis less.
And as sights at creativity and musical preferences we have very different these conversations can last very long and turn not to rest, but in the political debate.

You can define, in what style you work?
- I sing songs which are pleasant to me, first of all.
Someone names it pop, someone expects any rigid reeves.
While I cannot precisely answer this question

Do you improvise on a scene improvise or all is rigid?

- Improvisation is my friend.
I do not love any far-fetched and learnt phrases, any theatricality in bad sense of this word.
Though the certain share of the rehearsed fragments is present. And as game of the group, practically always there is an a share of the improvisation .
It is sometimes good, sometimes not so.
Actually, all should be rehearsed, parties must be studied.
Even if somewhere happen the moments of the improvisation during performance should be very little.
In an amicable way, at each concert all should sound as on good rehearsal.

How you estimate the work of the group? Whether you consider, what the command has already developed also you have reached defined understanding?
Or you must to work?

In group we understand each other normally.
However, always is over what to work.
But it is necessary to think out most much or to ask the help from not indifferent people, for example Bagrat Vartanjan.
It would be desirable creative penetration of everyone into process

- And in what Bagrat Vartjanjan helps?
- Besides we are friends
I has very similar musical tastes and sights at creativity with Bagrat .
Now Bagrat helps me with record of the second album.
As he partially is engaged in arrangements, produser a vocal, and for some time still began to be engaged actually in the organisation of work of studio "Lizard" on which we are register.
Dmitriy Koldun: "In that music which we play, the main thing -It`s the mood" (specially for a site koldun.name).

On May, 1st

The part 2

Has each participant a votes in a group ? In what it could be expressed?

-The vote have all.
In creativity totalitarianism seldom leads up to good.
Always interesting another opinion.
Now we have written down a new song and have already interrogated an order of the 15 persons.
Each of them said something .
It is not obligatory musicians, there can be everybody, any opinion is important.
Especially proved opinion.

Do you plan to make the show program? Or to make any light effects? Video - photoslides on a back background of a scene?
Somewhere we will reach it.
I have not reached level yet when all will be sing my songs and it will be already necessary to surprise with something.
As in that music which we sing, the main thing mood.
From all shows which I could see lately, I has very much impressed the show of the group "Rammstein" show.
But there are obvious obstacles in realisation of such things. Because even a sound qualitative sometimes cannot put in the regions.
And about light in general speeches do not go,there are the pair of fixtures and any cheap projector.
What is the show?

How you concern to what your songs can sing?
Here I, for example, will take and with my group will execute publicly pair of songs from your repertoire...
For infringement of copyrights will be nothing to me ? smile.gif

- It is possible to sing any songs under the legislation.
A copyright infringement is use of original soundtracks the rights on which belong to the executor, or the arranger.
If someone sings my song, it will be pleasant to me.
The main thing that it will be not false and with soul)).

What are the compositions in your repertoire, at your opiniont, can be considered as hits?

There are Give me force, "Tsarevna", "Star".
Plus a new song.
It would be desirable,if new song became a hit.

Why you have decided not to show a part of the songs, during the crisis time, all means for promotion of the actor are good?
At least demos for example?

- I consider absolutely wrong to show demos
Actors, musicians who are for me authorities, have dared to let out collections with the demos-records neopublished only after a national recognition.
The Demo-record on that a demo to remain in a narrow circle of people which understand that it is possible to make from this by means of qualitative arrangement and competent producing.
If I considered that all means are good, Malakhov + I would go on TV- show Malakhov + or would participate in discussion of the statements of Vanga.

How long time you started to write down the second album?
What is the time you will plan to work over it?

- I reflected over the first album much.
Therefore now for me the main task to find and choose one of singles on which the new album will be based.
Now I intend to spend more time for work on each track separately, and over that all compositions were on style and on mood are similar.
Terms I will not name.
I do not want the same, what was with the first album smile.gif.

How many the compositions there will be?
Who authors of texts and composers with whom you have decided to involve in teamwork?

- By quantity of compositions while information is not present even for me.
As to music there will be our join tracks with Bagrat Vartanjan, and also mine and his separately.
And as to texts, I think that there will be also my own texts , there will be also Irina Sekachyova's songs, probably, Karen Kavalerjan.
While it is all in a work and song stage definitively are not chosen.
If you have a good song send it to me .
It is always in the price!

What can you offer to the listeners in the near future?

- I will suggest to listen to a new song very soon.

Now I will a little depart from music.
Dima, tell, you never think concerning uniform style in clothes on a scene?

- Generally I have tried much .
And it seems to me, at present I already defined.
Just now in work a several design scenic clothes for me, and for musicians.
So you will see.

And the last: what should occur in the musical plan that you to tell the Life has gone right!.

- That the majority of my songs willi became hits, and everyone could sing at least one my song.

- Thanks for interview and successes in realisation of the conceived!
Dmitriy Koldun in the special project of the magazine "Teleweek" of the 75 years to the Moscow underground

Thanks for the article to Sova

"When I have arrived in Moscow it was not possible at once to understand an underground- web for me
I constantly passed by the necessary stations
Once i was going to other branch and left in an opposite side
There are only two lines in Minsk and we have not ring line
By the way on the ring line to me there was an interesting case with me
Near me sat the man in old clothes with a guitar
We started to talk
He was the musician from the street and he arrived from Belarus
Many interesting and ridiculous stories I heard from him
And I have told to him that i will go on musical competition
When I left he told: "Good luck, friend, truly!"
Since this word "truly" remains in my lexicon
The 4th years passed from this
And I met this musician on Old Arbat in Moscow"
Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Sad butterflies

The next trilogy in Oslo come to the end, and now I dare to tell words about this action.
Naturally I have a personal interest to competition, in particular to the Belarus participants last years.
I do not like forecasts - even handbook men does not know))) competition is really full of unexpectedness)))
However, that Lena won, I am absolutely not surprised .
And whoever spoke - sincerity happens different)))
Happens Belgian or German (2010) that is called - present, and happens that it like behind a constraint wall...
This year Belarus decided to refuse Evrofesta and to lead the closed selection that personally for me caused vigilance about what I spoke severall times in interviews to national editions.
I not against such selections , but in the countries where there are similar selections and conditions others - participant in a greater degree finance himself, - and it is defensible.
Far it is not necessary to go, Max Fadeeva's example with his accurately planned "Serebro" in Russia.
In all other cases I nevertheless for open selection of representatives.
Well also I will tell words concerning performance of Byelorussians in the ending - as a whole not bad, however they have walked twice into the same water, as I in 2007 - in the final were less collected, their performance in a semi-final was pleasant to me more.
Unfortunately, at purely emotional level, the majority of participants of group were very held down on a scene.
too was nervous, however as he sung in final performance was reputable))
Someone connects such distribution of forces with a policy, and I nevertheless continue to believe that in the competition the main things remain - sincerity, musicality and charisma)))

Dmitriy Koldun will shoot a clip on a film- studio of the Gorky

The shootings on the new song of Dmitriy Kolduna "In a room empty" will pass on June, 3rd and 4tht in Moscow.

The plot of future video is kept a secret
It is known only that shooting will take place on a film studio of the Gorky
Also that the big command of experts is involved in work on a clip from the film industry, inform Intermedia.

As the director of a clip Artem Aksyonenko will act, and operator Maxim Osadchy will shoot In a room empty.
In June-July new video of Dmitriy Koldun will appear on televisuon.

Dmitriy Koldun has opened the author's program

The winner Factories of stars 6 Dmitriy Koldun since June has opened the author's weekly program on audiomagazine PodFM.ru in which the singer disscus on the most different themes: about stars and about a life.

The first release of is subjective-analytical show he devoted analysis of competition "Eurovision" 2010 and to performance of representatives from Belarus.
He has tried to understand, why the group 3+2 has taken only last but one place in the ending.

Dmitriy Kolduna's debut as the leader of the author's program was highly appreciated by listeners.
Now it is necessary to hold a lath further.
Especially, those the singer have enough for discussion.

In particular, from June, 3rd till 4th on a film studio of the Gorky in Moscow will take place shooting of a clip of the Koldun on a song In a room empty.
As the director of video Artem Aksyonenko will act as the director of video , and operator Maxim Osadchy will be shoot.

Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Has come true

On June, 3-4rd clip shooting on my song "In a room empty" have taken place, shooting passed on a film studio of a name Gorky
in Moscow. I do not wish to tell much about stories and a clip plot, but nevertheless one photo I share

So to say, lain down between doubles to sleep)))
I Will open a couple of secrets, a plot exclusively cool if not to tell - freezing!
The empty room - actually is not empty...
There are all conveniences and someone else...
Someone should leave....
The Definitive product should be ready through two weeks so we wait together)))!!!


Glacial age of Dmitriy Koldun

On 07.06.2010 in Moscow the shooting of a clip of Dmitriy Koldun on a song In a room empty came to the end.
On an idea of director Artem Aksyonenko, for a clip many special effects connected with an icing have been prepared.
On a clip plot, the hero tries to get rid of memoirs about the girl relations which remained in the past. From these memoirs all freezes not only inside, but also outside. Everything what the hero touches, freezes.
On shootings of a clip I felt himself like Kay from a fairy tale The Snow Queen, - Koldun told. - only he had an ice heart, and I also around frozed .
During shootings some honeycombs of kg of artificial ice have been used, the set of subjects was broken and the one ten the ice cubes which have been "grown up" on special technology for some weeks prior to the beginning of shootings of a clip .
To me, the chemist by profesion, it was very interesting to observe and penetrate into subtleties of skill of experts in special effects which mixing different components, received as a result hoarfrost everywhere, a smoke and cold boiling water. I even was not kept and to some effects occurring in a shot, have put the hand, Dmitriy share.
The clip presentation In a room empty will take place on June, 16th in one of fashionable club of Moscow, and on June, 11th will be the musician will be celebrate 25 years .


Think, what flights can be only in the sleep?
The person disappearing on click of fingers - an invention?
And through walls pass only in fairy tales?
Here is not present.
In day of the 25 anniversary the most mysterious singer and the participant of "Eurovision" Dmitriy Koldun will mix sides real and unreal, open a door in the magic world of imaginations in which unique possibility to glance in the future will be given to each visitor of his holiday and to carry out the secret desires.

On June, 16th in mysterious interiors of restaurant "BON by Novikov and Stark" for the star friends of Dmitriy Koldun has conceived to give the present magic party and to collect all on celebrating of the birthday under the name "Voobrazharium of Dmitriy Koldun - 25 Magic Night".

In an environment of hundreds candles and Gothic stained-glass windows together with illusionists Brothers of Safronov and by means of them macro and micromagics Koldun for one evening will transform the imagination world into a reality.
But will be accurater with desires, it is not focus!
And with own destiny in a hide-and-seek hardly you will play - cards of Taro will show at once that was and that will be.
And those who is not afraid to glance to the future in eyes and searches for answers to destiny riddles, the meeting with known psychics and chiromantists wait.
Without waiting midnight, the birthday man will start "a musical" Wheel of Fate - mystification of evening will be continued by Dmitry's live performance, unexpected star duets and the main surprise - a premiere of new video of the Koldun on a song "In a room empty", the film removed by a command "Manned island" - director Artemom Aksyonenko and operator Maxim Osadchy. And the head- cook of restaurant BON, glorified Japanese Kesao Otake will surprise all gathered new exotic dishes.

Come to congratulate Dima this magic evening: Phillip Kirkorov, Valery, Joseph Prigozhin, Yana Rudkovskaja, Feodor Bondarchuk, Katie Topurija, Irakli, Julia Savicheva, Grigory Leps, Glory, the Jasmin, Sati Casanova, Victoria Dajneko, Natalia Podolskaja, Vladimir Presnyakov, Mark Tishman, Ljajsan Utjasheva and many other things.

Why at the Koldun's birthday party guests ate blades?

A favorite of the fair sex, and eligible bachelor Koldun recently celebrated 25 years. A small anniversary prompted the singer to the idea to arrange for themselves and their guests the party with a magical fortune-tellers, magicians and fairies. Correspondent AIF visited on holiday, where the stars of domestic show business and magic blended into one.

According to Dmitriy, for his birthday, though, and comes once a year, not that this is a holiday, rather, a reason to gather friends, of which there was not enough. Among the guests were seen: Fyodor Bondarchuk, Alexander Astashenok (group "The Roots"), Arseniy Borodin (Group "Chelsea"), Kira Plastinina (fashion designer), Lena Knyazeva, Anita Zoi and many others.

Brothers Safronovi entertained the guests. While the guests were treated with appetite fruit and sushi, one of the illusionists ate first the blade, then the thread, which was later pulled out of his stomach. The spectacle is impressive, but still a highlight was another number - the appearence of Koldun from the empty box. This is where the fans gave vent to their emotions, not hesitating, they shouted and clapped their hands joyfully.

Those who lacked the magic of Safronovi, could make use of this seer, or learn their fate by pulling the prediction of the magic box. Julie Mikhalchik liked the last option. The singer got the paper with a meaningful inscription: "Luck will smile upon you, wink, and invited you to his home at night. Apparently, this evening she had not bored.

Despite the fact that his birthday guest of honor was to relax and enjoy, Koldun decided to deviate from this tradition. He presented his new video, and then sang several songs for the guests. Incidentally, one of the songs, namely "This is not a paradise", a musician sang in a duet with his brother George. Just note that the two Kolduns on the one stage - it's really fascinating spectacle.

Besides his brother, among the people closest to the singer was his sweetheart Vika. She modestly sat at the table, while Dima torn paparazzi and guests. The girl gave Koldun picture. The singer did not show it to anyone, not even told that it displays, confining the phrase: "It is too intimate". However, the easy answer to another disturbing question: Will he marry? It turns out that in his 25 years singer is not yet ripe for family life, and, judging by the sly smile, workers of registry office will not soon see Koldun as a guest in their office.

Koldun doesn't consider football players as real men

Recently on the air of "Russian Radio" Koldun visited "Russian Peppers" as a guest of the morning show and it turned out that he knows a lot about women's football and doesn't appreciate the "male".

"The real man must carry bricks"- said once the grandmother to little Dima Koldun. The grandson listened, listened and became ... a musician.

Many years passed since that time when grandmother gave instructions to Dmitry Koldun, and now, when he is 25 years old, he can answer virtually any question. However, it turned out that his grandmother's instructions in childhood still have had a lasting impression. For example, on the air of "Russian Radio" the singer explained "Russian Peppers", why he doesn't like to watch football: "I don't like to watch guys who a running on the field, the guy must to have a plough or to found iron. But I would watch female football with pleasure. "

Also Koldun told the "Russian Peppers" how he protected the garden, how he spends the money, why heighbours complain oh him and how he shot the clip "In the empty room". Culminated this morning of revelations with joint performance of Vadim Voronov, Alice Selezneva and Sergey Melnikov songs "Combination" - "Accountant". If you missed the morning show, you can listen to it on the official website of "Russian Radio www.rusradio.ru.

Press Service of the "Russian Media Group"

Dmitriy Koldun knew his future

The known singer celebrated the anniversary in a circle of friends and colleagues in one of fashionable Moscow restaurants.

To Dmitry Koldun- 25 years . Candles, mysterious atmosphere, predictions of clairvoyants and psychics - all it should surprise visitors.
At doors of all arriving the girl-fairy met.
She sent someone to knowl fortune, others - to learn the future on hand lines, and some, especially mistrustful, to try on itself forces of hypnotic influence.

- The idea to arrange a magic-party come somehow by itself.
All the same on the 25 anniversary I wanted something unusual, not ordinary.
However, I not very much trust in any guessings and predictions, but this evening was especial, therefore I too, for fun, has taken advantage of services of the clairvoyant.
Also know, what he foretold to me?
That the life will be long that in some city or the country with the initial letter G in the name I will wait the big success that I meet on the way the girl, which... ( I will not speak better), and that shortly I will travel too much. We will look that from all it will come true, - told Dmitriy Koldun.

To congratulate the singer came Feodor Bondarchuk,Kira Plastinina, group "Roots", Julja Mihalchik, Lena Knyazeva, and many other.
Some stay at a gift choice were guided by sense of humour: so, to Dmitriy have presented painted valenoks in red-dark and blue tones, silkworms in a brine, the automatic machine from drainpipes, a cap of the buffoon and many other wonderful bagatelles.
The author: Eva Star

From site RU.TV:

06/21/1910 Anita Coi admitted in love to Dmitry Koldun.

On the Koldun's birthday party (who recently turned 25 years) Anita Coi made a confession and journalists have lost almost speechless: "Eight months ago I never imagined that I would be so close to Dima. We joined the wonderful feeling that everyone is expecting - this is love! "It was followed by an even more shocking revelation:" We will soon be a family. However, I'm not lying. And it is not for the sake of PR. This has made life so ... "How true this information is not yet clear. But may be Anita just told the story of the series where she and Dima starred in the lead roles?
Cocktail party with the star / Dmitry Koldun: The greatest magic is love!

By combining the celebration of his 25th anniversary and presentation of a new video, Dima Koldun gathered his friends last week at magic-party at the restaurant BON. Already on the verge of the restaurant, I realized that it will be an extraordinary evening. It was an incredible atmosphere inside which is difficult to convey in words. Many lighted candles, magicians Safronovi brothers on stage, divination by Tarot cards, and the hero of ocassion - in mysterious black gown, little tired from excessive media attention, but still good-natured and friendly with a merry twinkle in his eyes.

Of course, the conversation went about the miracle and magic ...

Vitalia Solnechnaya (VS): Dima, witchcraft - in your genes? You said that your grandfather knew how to make magic potions and medicines. What do you think - do you posses a gift fro his abilities and skills?
Dmitry Koldun (DK): Witchcraft in my life started when I began to study chemistry). But seriously - my grandfather really was collecting herbs and roots, he knew how to make potions from almost all diseases and also for the sake of fun and experimentation. I can a lot of things too, but not all recipes have survived. And those that I know, I don't tell you.

VS: Today you have prepared the show with brothers Safronovi. Is the world of illusions, tricks and special effects for you interesting? You're more a realist or a dreamer?

DK: Both. I like to be alone in the open space and dream ... I spent a lot of time at rehearsals with brothers Safronovi, where I "disappear" in a magic box.)) I understand perfectly well that all the tricks - the technical skill and dexterity, but I try to forget about it and believe in miracles.

VS: What is wonder for you?

DK: Perhaps, of all that exists in the world, the greatest wonder and magic is love!

VS: Do you have now your favorite loved one, and if so, how do you manage to combine privacy life with a packed touring schedule and crowds of groupies. Are there any issues of jealousy?

DK: I have a girlfriend, but, unfortunately, we did not see each other as often as I'd like - she is in another city. As for jealousy, I'm not very jealous, never scandals because of this, I believe that trust in the relationship - the most important thing.

VS Dmitriy, with incredible looks and talent do you think about other related professions - the fashion industry and movies?

DK: You know I had this kind of experience - the rock opera "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta". But generally, I would gladly have played some of the negative character in a thriller or a horror movie. I am waiting for suggestions)))

VS: In your new video for the track "In the empty room", which we now see for the first time, a lot of special effects associated with icing. What is this clip about?

DK:. This is a story about love. A young man tries to forget some memories of a girl with a thing of the past. From these memories all getting cold, not only within him, but also outside. Everything that would not touch a hero - freezes ...

VS: How often did you have in your life "chilling" moments or shocks?

DK: Of course, the most difficult moments - when the close people die ...

VS: Do you have a talisman or ornament which you wear for good luck? Do you believe in magic things in general?

DK: I'll say this: I don't believe in the power of things, but I can feel the energy. When the thing you give from the heart, it kind of energy, such things are much more precious than any mascot.

VS: Where do you live now most of the time - in Moscow or Minsk?

DK: Now I am living in Moscow Minsk recently rarely may be once a quarter. There is intense creative work and writing new songs.

VS: Dima how do you like to spend free time, relax, reduce stress?

DK: I love shooting, swimming, roller coasters, as well as drive to the car with open roof, and of course delicious food - this is the best medicine for stress. Hungry Koldun - angry Koldun! )))

VS: What is your favorite food? Do you know how to cook?

DK: I love dolma and tartare of beef, I can cook and can do both.

VS: Do you have any favorite places - restaurants, clubs in Moscow which you like and where you have been more than once, or would like to return? How do you feel about karaoke?

DK: I love karaoke, I have been several times at a karaoke "Opera", and what a pity that the club burned. From dance clubs, probably prefer a more democratic place, such as "Youth and Engineering'.

VS: Dima, you are not the most frequent visitor to the secular parties, for you are "star party tedious, uninteresting, or simply not available at such time and outputs necessary?

DK: I agree, I am not party person, I try to spend time on more interesting and useful things. Although well aware that in today's showbiz is an integral part of the work, so that occasionally still am to some party)))

VS: Dmitriy, you have lived only a quarter of a century, you have already achieved a lot. Do you have any super targets? And what wish did you sat on your 25 birthday?

DK: I want a lot of beautiful new songs, in recognition of creativity, but in personal terms - a constant.)

VS: Thank you for the interview. And I want you to be always surrounded by the magic of love and luck.

Dima Koldun celebrated anniversary

The Russian stars gathered for the 25 anniversary of the Belarus musician in fashionable Moscow club.
Birthday Dima celebrated for five days after term.
But he arranged for friends and relatives a magical party with candles, fairies and psychics.

Visitors were not in debt and loaded with presents the birthday man every possible gifts.
One of gifts even was necessary to try: but silkworms in a brine left not clear sensation of Dima.
Have presented also the automatic machine from drainpipes, and a cap of the buffoon.
Mum, Tatyana Borisovna, presented to the son a candlestick in the form of a lizard, which Dima collects.
Vicka- girlfriend- brought specially from Minsk the picture of the favourite Dima`s Belarus artist.
And with brother George Dima sang a duet.

Singer Anita Coi handed over to Dima a mysterious envelope, designer Kira Plastinina - promised to create a design T-shirt on Dima`s taste.
By the way, Kira with the First channel played the musician in the program "Practical Joke "

Dmitry combined anniversary with presentation of a new clip on a song In a room empty.
The scenario reminds a fairy tale Snow queen.
Anyway in both stories everything what the hero touches- freezes.
Thus the young man tries to get rid of memoires on the girl.
That the favourite singer has not frozen definitively, fans presented to Dima red-dark blue valenoks.

Glamour director Feodor Bondarchuk glanced on a party . It appeared that Dima not only is familiar with Feodor Bondarchuk , but they are also cooperate.
Now Dima works over a soundtrack to a new film of the director Manned island.
However for the time being details of a star tandem keep a secret.
Koldun not allowed to saw himself

The singer celebrated one of these days the twenty fifth anniversary .
The magicians, fakirs and psychics were visitors of the"fabricant".
The correspondent û visited birthday also.

Dima Koldun tries to justify the surname, therefore and he celebrated birthday rather in unusual style.
Visitors of the singer were entertained by brothers Safronovy.
At that time when celebrities were treated the fruit, popular illusionists with appetite swallowed of edges, pulled out from stomachs of a thread and, to surprise presents, taken from the magic box of the birthday man.

Then in the program of evening there were prophecies from the professional clairvoyant.
The future to the birthday man was predicted by the participant of the fifth season of "Fight of psychics Michael Filonenko.

In you a life all will be successfully.
In creativity, in private life.
Now in your life the important role is played by the letter "K", the magician dressed in a black cloak told to Koldun

Afterwards for birthday man to the seer the turn from star visitors was be. They got from a magical box notes with predictions.
For example, the piece of paper with an inscription got Julia Mihalchik: fast to you good luck will turn, and then will invite to you for the night.
Only Anita Coi steered clear of the psychic, declared that wishes to leave the life a riddle.

According to an idea of organizers of a celebration, illusionists must be to "saw" Dima half-and-half.
But one of the most enviable grooms in territory of the SNG was frightened:the focus can not go right and his 25th birthday will appear the last.

I am still young, and I want to live , Koldun requested, added that does not want, that the party turned to emergency.

Having refused from a dangerous trick, Dima suggested present to look his new clip about unfortunate love.
Then he sang a duet with the brother George who arrived to Moscow to congratulate the birthday man.
As the alcohol flew like water, many assumed that at them forks in eyes.

More close by midnight Feodor Bondarchuk came.
Having congratulated the actor, Feodor was accepted to meal.

Good feed is required to his dense moustaches, visitors joked, looking at young growth of moustaches of the director.

Brothers Koldun sang together at a concert in honour of Independence Day

Brothers Dmitry and George Koldun sang together at a concert in honour of Independence Day which passed in the evening on July, 3rd in Minsk.
The concert was accompanied by an incessant rain.
Kolduns were singing on a stage, were dripping wet.
The same fate comprehended also other singers.

Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Independent downpour)))

Yesterday in Belarus there was an Independence Day, and, as usual, the big concert in the evening has taken place... No... A huge concert with salute, speech of the president and... A torrential rain!
Organizers and directors decided that the scene should be opened, but here the rain became unexpectedness...
In Moscow this year the scene too was without a roof on June, 12th in day of Russia, but meteoprotection there was used - clouds dispersed by planes, in Minsk of a rain nobody waited, clouds were so huge that they were not disperse)))))
The open-air stage in this case has turned in per capita for actors and singes!
When I went on the stage I practically did not see people - continuous umbrellas)))) Here is a part of translation of the air from this concert)))
Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Greetings to all from sunny Arab Emirates!
I decided to write pair of words about visit to this country which just ended)))
There now is hot also it is damp. The exit on street can be compared to an input in a warm trolley bus from a frost, glasses in the same way mist over at once)))
It is my first trip to the United Arab Emirates, country very advanced in the technical plan, all is automated, even the underground goes without machinists)))
It is a pity, the fastest hills in suburb Abu-Dhabi (speed of movement of the cart to 200 km/h) very soon will open, and I will pass this event ((((can another time...
But I, by the way for the first time in life, swept on almost vertical hill in an aquapark

And in Dubai there is the highest building in the world (!!!) In my opinion 828 meters! And everyone beside it under the Arabian tunes dance a floor of hour.... Fountains - also the highest in the world)))

But the greatest test became not a heat and moving, and sacred month Ramadan if only you know HOW on such heat would be desirable to drink... And in public places it is impossible, it was necessary to search for less public, and in shopping centers it is not a lot of them)))) But a rule "not to eat after six" modest Arabian shopping works just what isn't needed)))) And, of course: "to" and "after"))))

Thank u for the translation Gladys! give_rose.gif I`m glad that he has a good time there smile.gif wink.gif wink.gif
Thank You Gladys for the translation. I hope Dima will not be gone for too long...
THANK YOU GLADYS!!!!!I am so happy,that he will return back to us in Tuesday!!!
Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

The Day of Moscow!
I congratulate all Muscovites and visitors of this city with the holiday!
Yesterday there was an ambiguous day in respect of weather, and I even have a little caught a cold... But unless the holiday of the whole megacity can be spoiled bythe cold of any Koldun)) ) Certainly isn't present)))
At first we have acted on one of the Moscow staege, we impaired a little rest of walking crowd))) Despite a bad weather, some spectators rejoiced also it warmed us - all those who stood on a scene.
Though, fairly I admit: to sing, and even to play , on such cold as my guitarist Vasily said- " is not so good" ....
And, certainly, many thanks to admirers for support and a flag)

As a result, I reached home after midnight as after that we gone in Solnechnogorsk on lake Senezh (like so), there in general was a fierce cold... But the people didn't harry to disperse from a concert which detained us one hour and a half))) Naturally, they didn`t need more at the wheel - so for them- was't so cold!

The fine holiday - fine day! To all- all the bests always!)

Dima is really great. The performance turned out great anyhow. Good job.
The performance was definitely great! I hope that after the concert Dima felt fine, since he had a cold.

I understand that it could be difficult to have 2 concerts at the same day. Certainly, even though itr passed already, I wish Dima success and stay healthy.

Keep yourself warm in that weather. give_rose.gif

And that should apply to everybody.

I'm telling you that as a health care professional.
Dmitry Koldun writes a song for Junior Eurovision 2010

UNICEF has contacted with Dmitry Koldun, well-known singer,
partrticipant of Evrovision Song Contest 2007
with a proposal to write a song for Junior Eurovision 2010

That's amazing!!! Im so glad that Dima will do this... that's so kind of him, bravo Dima im proud of you I cant wait to hear the song!! biggrin.gif
Participation in Junior Eurovision is really great. I think that it will be a new experience for Dima, and believe that it will be very productive. It will look so unique to perform with kids. Maybe they will even decide to make a video. It seems to be very attractive.
I AM SURE,THAT THIS WILL BE KOLDUNITOUS GREAT!!! girl_wink.gif girl_blum.gif
This seems interesting. I think this will definetely attract positive attention. I hope Dima will actually go to Eurovision Contest 2011.
Koldun returns with special song for Junior 2010

04/Oct at 11:17 by Jarmo
Dmitry Koldun, who represented Belarus at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, will come again on the stage of a popular contest. However, this time it is the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Together with the 14 young participants he will sing the song Day Without War.

This song is written specially for the show as the Host Broadcaster, BTRC, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and UNICEF have united to organise this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest together.

This year, we'd like to turn the attention to disabled children. In Europe they are called "special kids". It means they are not different from us, though, they need just a little more of our care", said Elena Gomalinskaya, the Assistant Executive Producer of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

These special kids can come to the Minsk Arena and theyll have places equipped for them. Children from different Belarusian cities will get free tickets to the Dress Rehearsal and the Show.

We will also transfer all the profits of televoting in different participating countries to the account of UNICEF. It means that each of us can help these special kids! Gomalinskaya underlined.

UNICEF will conduct a number of charitable actions within the limits of the project. The Host Broadcaster, BTRC will prepare a documentary film about the activity of United Nations Children's Fund in Belarus which all Participating Broadcasters of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will show.

Dmitry Koldun represented his native Belarus in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Work Your Magic and achieved the highest ever placing for the country - sixth.

The 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on the 20th of November in Minsk, capital of Belarus.

Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

No one Day without...... Eurovisions

Here ended my work on the next song for competition to the Eurovision)))
In it time, truth, I represent itself as the visitor at children's competition which will pass very soon in Minsk.
On November, 20th it is necessary to me to be on a scene and to sing together with all participants a song, which name "Day Without War" which was written by Bagrat Vartanjan on Dmitry Basika's verses.
The song will sound from name of fund of the help to children after last competitive performance.
Here, by the way, pair of shots how the composition replayed:

Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Look, by the way, on my official site koldun.name
In section of a photo is updating - photos from rehearsal in Minsk-arena and not only!
Today already the first general rehearsal in suits, I will tell later)

Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru
The snow was falling

Very soon into our life will rush clinking of glasses with champagne and Bengal fires
Their occurrences wait all irrespective of age and a social status... But what holiday without the present winter and snow
Therefore today from myself I want to give a gift to all visitors of the Internet and to admirers a song The snow was falling .
I want tell a little about creation of this song.
Some time ago on my official site www.koldun.name was the competition on the best text for a song . I received 195 texts. All of them are laid out in section "competition" on a site.
But with this text the interesting story has turned out it has come the last, but .
We already had a song with other name and almost complete arrangement in which didn't arrange the text and this has coincided both on the size and on mood with music of Bagrata Vartanjana, therefore we have written down it and have given winter mood literally for few days, it would be desirable to trust that were in time)))
I Hope, it is like to you during this cold time

Dmitry Koldun lets out the second studio album

The Belarus singer Dmitry Koldun in 2011 will going to let out the second studio album.

The 11-12 compositions will enter into a disk. The majority of tracks will be absolutely new and unknown.
Probably that the duet with the Dutch singer Jacqueline Out of the blue becomes one of song of this disk.
On this composition also it is planned to do video.

The release of a new album is planned on April of current year.
Two singles will be anticipate an exit of a plate. The singer doesn't disclose the name of an album and singles.

I cannot wait until the new album will come out. I feel that it will be great!!!
Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

"Out of the blue"

Here I want to share with you a track which we have written down together with the Dutch singer Jacqueline.
The song is called "Out of the blue" that means - "suddenly" or, for example, "unexpected"...
We met with Jacqueline about 6 months ago... Then she with the producer came to me to studio, and we have agreed that in the beginning 2011 song will be ready...
The parties we wrote down everyone in our country, but product has "suddenly united our voices in one history))
I invite to my site to listen a song under the reference: http://koldun.name/ru/news/?c=442

Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Red Light and many other things

I a little exaggerated)))
I write from a city Groningen in Holland in two hours journey from Amserdama.
Here I on the occasion of video shooting on a song about which I wrote in the previous message)))
I will plane to spend here even two days, think, all of us will have time to shoot)
The beautiful city, reminds Amsterdam in which I was yesterday practically all the day...
Quarter of Red Light, it is fair, I imagined a little differently, all appeared prosy enough, but nevertheless, rather in an original way....
In respect of replenishment of means in the state budget))))
Concerning cool at Night , therefore I decided to walk in the afternoon and to make pair of pictures which I want to share with you)
Actually Groningen)

Dima KOLDUN: "I'm not going to run with any applications"

The most successful representative of Belarus at Eurovision will not go to the contest this year.


But Dima Koldun, whose song for the contest was specially written by Russian author Karen Kavaleryan, decided not to temp his fate twice.

- I said the organizers of the national selection that I have the song for "Eurovision"! And even gave them an opportunity to listen to it, - told Koldun "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - That's why I think, if the organizers like it, I ready to go to the contest. I'm not interested in competing with anybody else and I don't need it. I'm not going to run with any applications for God's sake.


Recall, that Belrus will conquer Europe for the eighth time. Earlier the best result was shown by Dima Koldun in 2007, when he got the 6 place in the final. This year the 56-th international song contest "Eurovision-2011" will take place on 10, 12 and 14 of May in Germany.


: From me =)
I hope, my translation is not very bad=)
Dima's words about the article:

"I want to clear up the situation a bit.
I have never said that "I'm waiting till the last" and a phrase like "I'm not going to run with any applications!" was distorted and pulled out from the context, where I said that I had repeatedly met with the organizers and we discussed the possibility of my participation (with specific song) in the contest - that means that there is no doubt that if all sides agree it will happen.
And what kind of competition can we talk about? It's not the "EUROFEST", for example, or something like that, where everything is clear. It's like a clean choice from a showcase. When you come to the cafe with a refrigerator full of sweets, you don't care if all of them have a waybill... If you like one or another - it doesn't matter, you'll buy and eat it)))"
Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

The night pilot

Greetings! I address to you, so to say, among night...
This afternoon, already very soon, by 13.00 I will arrive on radio the Beacon where I will be the visitor of studio on the air till 14.00 and... Where my new song "the Night pilot", this song partly about me because, the basic part of my creative life passes at night, besides, most likely, will sound... In general, the song concerns a reality....)))
I very would be desirable to learn your opinion)))
Thanks in advance)
Dima Koldun' son is afraid of his father

Dima Koldun already for the four months is the happy father of the family. The seven kilograms of happiness - this way Koldun calls newborn son - give him the incentive to life and motivate the creation of new songs. But Dima does not succeed in finding a common language with his son . The fact is that Koldun is constantly rehearsing at home, and one day he accidentally scared the heir of the loud music. But he is sure that the child is scared of the child's toy, and not dad's voice. From now on, all home rehearsals are cancelled by Dima! And he promised that he will no longer give his child any strange toys.

the sourse: http://ru.tv/news/22083730/1944/

the video is here (on Russian)
Dmitry Koldun: Because of the fun of the song my team has almost come to an end.

A famous singer told how his creative debut caused the quarrel with the musicians.

All last week we with the musicians spent in my studio working on a new song, which is, perhaps, already very soon will be heard by all!) Well, in any case, I hope so. By the way, the words I wrote myself. This is debut. During the work we realized the most interesting thing: the five-year experience of recording lyrical compositions left a serious mark in our heads and souls. That's why a merry song even made a quarrel some time! But not serious))) and work is continuing. The song, by the way, is called Don't be sad (Ne grusti)

Well, what else... Repainted the office part of the studio Lizard in a grey-lilac tone, became fresher. However, the paint still smells, but this makes us fun!

At the ceremony of the Sound track (Zvukovaya dorozhka) in the Izvestiya-hall has finally met the man, with whom I have wanted to talk personally for a long time and come to agreement. It will be a creative tandem, if everything is OK. A very beautiful duet is going to be.

And at the moment I'm writing this post, the musicians, who came specially from Minsk, are rehearsing and preparing the final version of my solo concert, which will be executed in the Mirskiy castle (Belarus) on the 14th of June. This concert will be filmed and shown in the TV by the ONT channel. Work is in the process. The whole process looks like this, as depicted in the photo.

And in general, I wish you good spring... and I invite all of on my concert in the club 16 tons on the 11th of May! Will be happy to see you!

, , .
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