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Offtop: if someone translates the above for MiriamEla please let me know as I will be able to do it tomorrow morning Moscow time (and I'll do it) Thanks
Цитата(MiriamEla @ 17.4.2012, 21:41) *
Success! I've now entered what I'm going to call "cruising period" - that is, when I'm able to hear all the songs on Ночной пилот (in bad quality) but don't own the album yet. Someone uploaded the songs onto Fresh Records, and even though I downloaded them, this is NOT a permanent subsitute for getting the music the right way. I won't be satisfied until I have the album in my hands, but I am now able to do that review that I promised for every song... so let's get started!

Yes? Where? Please, can you give me a link. Because- in my country, it's the same. I have no chance to get to listen the album, or even have it in my hands... give_rose.gif
Цитата(iviK @ 18.4.2012, 14:34) *
Yes? Where? Please, can you give me a link. Because- in my country, it's the same. I have no chance to get to listen the album, or even have it in my hands... give_rose.gif

They're on Вконтакте now, in better quality. You can listen here. I don't think you need to be part of the group.
Hmmm.. " Please log in or sign up to view this page. " :-(
But thank you anyway. I'll find it, somewhere :-))
Okay, I didn't want to post it, but here's the sharesite where I originally listened: Fresh Records

Like I said, it's far from the best quality.
I've found it also (but in another web)- and in better quality.
I'll try to post my notes later. But from the first listening I have to admit it's great. Even though totally diffrent from the first album..
The plane has landed!

Thanks to Donna for sending me the CD!
Did anybody see Dima on Euro? It was so awesome that he was announcing the votes. I was happy to see him there.
Цитата(skymiles @ 27.5.2012, 6:25) *
Did anybody see Dima on Euro? It was so awesome that he was announcing the votes. I was happy to see him there.

I did! yahoo.gif I was so happy when I saw him, he was so handsome! wow.gif
I had so many years to see him on my tv again..
Next year lets hope to see him as a participant give_rose.gif
Dima did a great job announcing the votes - very professional! It was great to see him doing something for Eurovision! I wish he had worn the black shirt, but... oh well.
Yeah, he was amazing. I couldn't wait for him wub.gif
It was great to see him on ESC again (omg, it's been 5 years since then !!)
I think it hadn't been his choice to wear these clothes. I'd have rather to see him in 'normal' clothes too, miriam
He isn't a pop star, but ok ;-) He was still the best thumbsup.gif
Guys! I can tell that everyone noticed the change in the style of a shirt during Eurovision. This is interesting. I also believe that it was not his choice to wear that shirt. Dima still looked great as always.
So, how do you like Dima's new clip 'Облака-бродяги'?

I have to admit it's a very beautiful video. it's completely different Dima I used to know. I didn't like it first, it was i don't know..slow. But now I SEE air_kiss.gif
Great idea- the forest, memories.. Just perfect
And Dima, oh Dima, gorgeous, handsome, perfect, faultless like always :-)
(here's a post, admins)

Облака-бродяги almost literally made me cry. It's a beautiful song with a beautiful video. I understood the story of the video perfectly and it actually fit the song. The cinematography was brilliant. And of course I love the song - it's great and very moving.

Plus, bonus points for finding a kid who looks like he could be mini-Dima! (of course, we all know that's not what he really looked like, but hey, whatever works)
Колдунья Алена
Sooooo... Have you already heard Dima's new song "Don't be sad" (Ne grusti)? What do you think about it?
As for me I do like it! It seems to me so... I even can't explain... so much positive I named it "a small piece of happiness" wink.gif
If you haven't heard the song yet you can find it in the "Аудио/видео" in Media. The song was taken from the Russin radio of Belarus that's why it lacks some words in the beginning.
Цитата(Колдунья Алена @ 1.5.2013, 17:54) *
Sooooo... Have you already heard Dima's new song "Don't be sad" (Ne grusti)? What do you think about it?
As for me I do like it! It seems to me so... I even can't explain... so much positive I named it "a small piece of happiness" wink.gif
If you haven't heard the song yet you can find it in the "Аудио/видео" in Media. The song was taken from the Russin radio of Belarus that's why it lacks some words in the beginning.

Yeah, I like "Не Грусти" too. It is very possitive biggrin1.gif . I understand just a little bit of lyrics, but it is wonderful. I like the style of the song, expecially the guitar. It reminds me of Dima 2-3 years ago... Hope there will be a full version soon innocent.gif
What's that? Dima has a new song out? DROP EVERYTHING AND BASK IN THE GLORY!!!

Okay, Не грусти rocks! It's completely different from almost everything on his latest album - it seems like 2009 Dima is back this time! The very first thing that struck me was the retro-sound, kind of reminding me of the Beatles with the guitar setting. The vocal is, of course, fabulous - no surprises there. I'm particularly fond of the wordless backing vocals in the chorus. Who wrote this one? I don't understand all of the lyrics, but big kudos for giving a happy contrast to the melancholy tone of the last few songs/album. Edit: Dima wrote the words? See, you're not limited to writing sad songs, this is great!!!
And also can we talk about how Team Koldun went straight to music video with this one? I saw some pictures from the filming and kind of guessed that was happening but I'm amazed that the song/video was kept under wraps for so long. It's a fun change from the traditional story-videos, although I would have liked to see more "performance mode" Dima on camera. =D

(Oh, by the way, I wrote a long post about Dima on my Tumblr. Check it out~)
Колдунья Алена
A bit later (hope, within few days) I'll try to translate lyrics for you to understand wink.gif
Dima! You have to hear me biggrin1.gif . I wanted the entire song and lyrics- and so here they are biggrin1.gif ! Thank you for the lyrics, now I understand perfectly (but still, it'll be perfect Alena, to translate it smile.gif )
I love the video. It is so powerful, it gives you so much energy... The idea to create the video completely another way is wonderful. You surprise us every day wink.gif
Well done!
Колдунья Алена
I've promised you to translate Не грусти.
Here it is wink.gif

Don't Be Sad

A soft summer morning,
You will not be able to wait for a call.
The rain on the eyelashes. Minutes have been frozen.
Good-bye. See you. Bye.
Someone won't return,
Someone won't say: "Wait!"
Only cold sun instead of your love
From the window of an empty flat

Don't be sad in vain
And don't regret anything.
Happiness will say: "Hello!"
And evrything will be OK again.

You'll dry the tears of hurt,
Hide from everyone in the rain.
The songs which were sung you by stars
Will stay in your heart forever.
The memory will not be able to understand
A silly word "forgive".
Time sometimes regrets no one,
But you don't give up, fly!

Don't be sad in vain
And don't regret anything.
Happiness will say: "Hello!"
And evrithing will be OK again
Thank you for the translation, Alena!

Is anyone else overjoyed that Dima's added Всё, что ты хочешь back into his setlist? That's always been one of my favorite songs to see him do live, so it's awesome to watch him bring it back! It seems like he's gotten back into the rocker spirit - I wouldn't be surprised if he started going 100% live again =D

Also, I thought this was funny.
OH MY GOSH. Graphics. Pyrotechnics. New keyboardist. Epic Pasha solo. Drumstick toss. New triangle-K branded guitar. This glowing review. Absolutely flawless vocals from Dima. НЕ С ТОЙ MADE ME CRY. Was there anything not amazing about the Mir concert?!

It looks like it was pro-shot too. Any idea when we'll get high quality footage?
Колдунья Алена
As you can see in November there will be a new album of Dmitry Koldun - The city of big lights.
If someone want to buy this album you can turn to our Donna. She is ready to help you. She'll order the album at one Russian website, where it is possible to send it anywhere. You have to write her your name, surname and the exact postal address.
If there is some people of the same country you'd better cooperare 'cause postage is quite expensive.
So if you want to buy the album or you have questions - write to Donna. She speaks English)
And one more thing. We need to wait until the album appears on that website and only after that it will be clear that it is possible to send it. I hope it happens in the last days of this month, with the official release of the album.
Hey Koldunyas! I've put my order in with Donna for my lovely physical copy of Город больших огней, but while I'm waiting, I did manage to find all the songs online (AS A PLACEHOLDER) so here's a review!

Город больших огней: I feel like I've landed in a classic movie... This is my first clue that Dima's mixing the sound of his latest album with the sound of his first one. I like it. It has the driving rock beat of Колдун with the romance of Ночной пилот. The song itself seems like a spiritual successor to Корабли.
Облака-бродяги: Of course I've heard this one before, and I can't help remembering the first previews on Dima's Twitter vlogs when he would turn the music off right before the chorus. It's a beautiful song. I especially like the bridge with "огонь в моих гла-ЗАААААААХ" and the shimmery soft chorus right after it. And can I remind myself that the music video made me cry?
Останься: Now THAT is a magical combination of guitar and synth! It's dreamy... and then the beat starts and we have the "album-mix" sound once again. LOVE the harmonies! This might get a spot as one of my favorites on the album.
С дождями: It started like a generic pop ballad... but this is Dima, and Dima doesn't do generic pop. I'm liking the extra harmonies and drum effects during the verses. The soft chorus is REALLY cool, with a different vocal on both octaves. Is that Anna doing the "ah"s at the end? That melody is going to haunt me, I know it.
Вверх: This is a great song to groove to. I'm not too fond of the chord progression, but I think it's going to grow on me. The solo is awesome. And then Dima brings on the unexpected amazing high notes. Ahhh....
Не грусти: ....ииииииии напрасно, ту ду аа оуу! I've already given my feelings on this one. It never fails to make me smile.
Не впоминай о ней: That beginning was unexpected! This also reminds me of Корабли, especially with the piano countermelodies. Another great bridge-chorus. And I love the ending with the guitar echoing. It kind of sounds like the struggle to "not remember her" is going to be endless.
Не так: This one reminds me of Не грусти. It has the same sort of Beatles-esque guitar sound. And it also reminds me of a classic movie, like Город больших огней did. What is that voice saying in the background?????
Сердцем: It doesn't sound very much like Dima, which makes sense because Katya wrote this one, so it probably sounds like her other songs (which I haven't heard). I'm definitely dancing in my chair. Their voices sound good together.
Она: I was expecting Она останется одна, but instead I'm getting reminded a lot of Дыхание from the last album. It's really different from any of the other songs, and Anton's style almost reminds me of my own. Again, I love the combination of guitar and synth. A nice contrast to the rest of the album and a great way to end it.

Overall: It's great to see Dima getting back into the songwriting, both on music and lyrics. A lot of the album seemed to be using Корабли and Не грусти as prototypes, which doesn't give much variation but does make a good sound. I look forward to listening to it a couple hundred more times. ;D

(If someone could send me a Russian translation of this so I can put it on the review thread, I'd really appreciate it~)
Hi all!

I absolutely love Dima's new album. It sound so fresh and easy. Each song has its own spirit and that's good. I even can't tell which song I like the best 'cause it varies every single day. Облака-бродяги is such a beautiful balad, videoclip too. When you're feeling low, Не грусти is the best cure. I'm always smiling while hearing this song. Не так has beautiful music on the other hand very sad lyrics... Вверх is very catchy, I like it very much. The song Сердцем with Катя Гордон was a great deal. It sounds little bit different but very nice. ...I could continue on and on but I think you already know I'm really impressed by the new album. I like it much more than the previous one, Ночной пилот. I like it from the first time; it took me some time to get along with Ночной пилот.

All in all, it's a fantastic job! Well done. Good luck, you deserve it thumbsup.gif give_rose.gif

(just one point: Она is beautiful- but: isn't it a little bit confusing to have two songs with the same name? rolleyes.gif )
Yay, a new song!

Kind of like Город больших огней, the harmonies and the production remind me of the few old Soviet films I've seen. I personally like Dima's other styles more but this is great too. Flawless vocal as always. I like how the melody shows off Dima's range. The video looks cool, though I would have preferred a few shots of Dima singing.
FINALLY! Since I have no way of getting the album in the USA if someone doesn't send it to me, I've had no choice but to get it off a sharesite, and that took a lot longer than I wanted. As always, this is just a placeholder and not a substitute for getting it legally, but it means I can listen to the songs, so let's go!

Почему: Somehow I don't remember ever hearing this song in as high quality as here. I like the sound - like I said before, it reminds me of old Soviet films, with the slightly forlorn quality and the strings in the background.
Манекен: And here's the pop-rock Dima I used to know! I expected something a bit different in the chorus, but I really like what I hear. The buildup before each chorus is especially satisfying, and the voice-over in the bridge... whisper to me forever.
Я буду любить тебя: I feel like this is in the same style as Корабли. It's got the romantic feel at the start, and then the guitars kick in for a rock feel in the chorus. I don't make very many comments on lyrics, but these stand out with some great parallel lines - "кто бы знал, кто бы знал, кто бы знал..." Really well done.
Медленно: Wow, this takes me back to the days of Я буду ждать and Прости за всё. It's awesome to hear a power ballad like this from Dima after so long. From the soft start to that amazing high note climax, this is one of those songs that I can only describe as "epic".
Время нам разойтись: Another different style! I don't think I've ever heard Dima sing something in this kind of folky 3/4 that wasn't a cover since Царевна, and I think this song is even more beautiful.
Мало тебя: This was my favorite of the three new songs Dima premiered a couple months ago. I love the pop-rock sound here and the melody, especially in the chorus, is really well written. I can't hear Dima as well as I'd like to, though.
Метели: After such strong tracks, I have to say I can't get behind this song as much. Some of the chords and sounds don't feel right. But that's okay - I'm sure it will grow on me (I felt the same way about Под дождём).
Скажи: Is it weird that I can hear influence from other Russian pop music in this song? It reminds me of some of the things that Dima was singing back in Fabrika. I also kind of like how it sounds somewhat like a musical theatre song - lots of range!
Любовь-война: I think I have a new favorite song on this album in terms of songwriting. The melody is amazing and the harmonies are gorgeous. The production is powerful too and Dima's voice fits in perfectly.
Холодные облака: This song definitely has the most drama. There's so much range, not just vocally but also in dynamics and production. It's a lot to take in.
Поезд: One more style change before we end, hey? The guitar in this reminds me of Graham Coxon (anyone heard of him) and the driving beat is kind punk-rock-esque. I love how uplifting the sound of this song is.

Overall thoughts: This is the most stylistic variety I've heard on a Dima album so far. So much fantastic music, and some real proof that our man can sing anything. Bravo.

(I'm going to post this on the official album thread once I get it translated into Russian - and I'll need help with some parts...)
Just heard Поцелуй меня and currently listening to it on repeat. HELL YES I LOVE THIS SONG. It's got Dima's perfect mixture of rock and romantic, with the driving beat and the sort of Coldplay-esque synths in the background. The chorus hook is awesome, and need I say Dima sings it flawlessly?

Don't know if anything will beat out Любовь-война as my favorite Dima song for a while though...
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